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Mana Tower quest Bugged - Ticket Submitted, no resolution yet

I got to the point where I have to travel to Tazeem for the mana tower quest. It shows my active quest in Tazeem. When I click to fast travel I receive the prompt "Continue your adventure to unlock this feature". I've spoken to everyone in The Sanctum multiple times. Redone all of the events via queing in the guide. Still nothing. I'm stuck roaming between The Sanctum and Your Realm. I'm Planeswalker level 27, Necro 12, and Sanctifier 15; I really don't want to have to start a new planeswalker over this. I opened my ticket Tuesday 4/20 at 12:27.

Has anyone found a fix for this? Super frustrating being blocked from continuing the game by what seems to be a bug.


  • Well it's now been a week since I have opened a ticket. I'm still unable to continue the story and am stuck in my realm. I started a new character. Sucks losing progress, time, and all the stuff I claimed on that broken character from the premium plus pass. Hopefully the support team can just compensate my new character to make up for everything lost. Love the game so far I just don't want to feel like I lost money due to a bug.

  • Support worked hard on this checkin in with my daily as to what we can do for troubleshooting. They were able to track down the issue and it is fixed now. Very happy with the level of support, most game companies won't go as far as they did. So I really appreciate it.

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