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  • Mana Rig Mayhem event is live April 8th, 2021 (Thursday). You can access this event from either the Guide under "Events" or in the Sanctum
    • Visit Your Realm to collect the event reward.
  • Fixed an issue where region reputation rewards were scaling with difficulties
  • Reduced the overall amount of time it takes to finish the tutorial zone
  • Fixed an issue where Planar Mana reset sometimes would reset on Monday and not Tuesday


  • Gavony:
    • Gavony Story 1: Curse of Crussebourg
      • Fixed an issue where enemies would continue to spawn from an unreachable area
      • Werewolf health increased
      • During the amulet step, creatures become unattackable.
  • Tazeem:
    • Tazeem Overworld:
      • Interstitial Quests have been shortened to quicken new player progress
      • Objective requirements have been lowered
      • Traversal requirements have been lowered
  • Tolaria :
    • Tolaria Overworld:
      • Skirmishes:
        • Invasive Experiment:
          • Fixed an issue that prevented Empowered Homarid Juggernaut from spawning after other Planeswalkers completed the skirmish the first time.


  • General:
    • Fixed an issue where Planeswalkers were receiving heals after being defeated
    • Fixed an issue where Tokens and Spells cast from Equipment and Artifacts were scaling incorrectly
  • Artifacts:
    • Draconic Flux
      • Fixed an issue where the 6/6 red dragon created could become permanent if the Planeswalker was defeated while it was landing
  • Class:
    • Dimir Assassin:
      • Dark Reverberations Ultimate Secondary Ability, "Forty Blinks" has been buffed to accommodate the impact of recent recharge time changes.
      • The clone attacks from the ability now deal an additional 12% damage each.
  • Equipment:
    • Pathfinder's Ring:
      • Equipment, Adaptive mod has been rebalanced to reflect the availability of the trigger while still allowing for bursts of effectiveness. The created green Elf Archer token now lasts for 10 seconds from 20 seconds.
  • Battlepass:
    • "Earn Planar Mana" Battlepass daily has been changed to "Defeat Champions or Elites" to address an issue where Planeswalkers were unable to earn planar mana for the daily after hitting the weekly cap.
  • Client:
    • Fixed an issue that could potentially crash the client
    • Fixed several memory leaks throughout the client to improve client performance
    • /Netgraph:
      • Reduced the amount of client frame time that was randomly being included in displayed ping time. Reported ping should be more stable and closer to actual network latency, but will still include some client frame processing time, especially when running at low fps.

Known Issues:

  • Healing floaters are not working
  • Planar Mana reset wont sync properly until next reset

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