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Unable to sell Zen on the exchange.

So I bought 2000 Zen last week via PayPal. The transaction was via PayPal and deducted the funds immediately, yet the transaction was labeled pending in the game account management section for 24 hours...

So the next day I log in and sure enough I actually have the Zen I paid for the day before, only to discover I now get a message "due to recent purchase activity, your account is unable to sell Zen on the exchange."

There was no warning of this probation period prior to purchase, and only after researching the issue did I discover that the probation period is also undefined...

Without asking the obvious questions like why penalize customers without warning for spending their money, seriously WTF devs...way to give customers instant regret for supporting the game.

To anyone else out there who has any experience with this garbage : When can I expect this probation period to end ? and will this happen every time a make a purchase ? will I ever be able to trade my Zen for Aether ?


  • Contact support.

  • already have, 3 times in last 4 days, no response what so ever.

  • Already have, 3 tickets now opened over last 4 days, no response on any of them.

  • I have the exact same thing happening to me after purchasing Zen :-(

  • I don't think you need to open so many tickets in so few time. Normally, you should get a reply at most after 48 hours if you don't open another ticket.

  • krumple01krumple01 Posts: 84

    Dont open any tickets, click the chat button and speak to a live GM about your account and the probation. Dont ever expect cryptic devs to willingly open your tickets. You have to force your problem on them or youll have to wait weeks oe months before you get some shitty response like, your ticket has been forwarded to the proper department..

  • I believe it is a part of their design and this is not some bug or glitch. Whether or not it is good design I believe that they see the primary reason for zen is to buy booster packs and other premium goods like battlepass then they see trading it to aether as a secondary thought that most people shouldn't consider like those who have already bought all of the premium goods up, but still have excess, so these people are able to but given a 5 day probation or something whereas in this time they should think over their sale. Someone else should correct me if I'm mistaken.

  • krumple01krumple01 Posts: 84

    No, this same policy is in Neverwinter too. It prevents new accounts from trading zen until x occurs.

    They made this purely to try and prevent the chinese zen traders from making new accounts to avoid getting banned. They would make a new account get zen and purchase packs to resale to drum up profit which ruined the exchange in Neverwinter.

    Their solution oversight punishes legit new players who are honestly forking over their cash to get zen.

  • Let's punish the many to prevent the few from taking advantage rather than living with the few advantage takers so that the many may benefit... sounds familiar

  • winteranestiwinteranesti Posts: 25

    Huh, I usually get a response on issues within a few hours. I never had to wait days. I made a ticket and resolved right away.

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