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What is the account probation period?

yavieydev#1767 yavieydev Posts: 187 Community Manager
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What is probation and why am I on it?

Due to your recent Zen purchase, our billing system has placed your account on a temporary probation period. This is an automated security system designed to protect our players from malicious activity and unauthorized purchases on their accounts.

What does being "on probation" mean?

While on probation you will not be able to use the currency exchange (i.e., Dilithium Exchange in STO and Astral Diamond Exchange in NW) and all purchases from the Zen Store (Magic: Legends) / C-Store (STO) / Zen Market (NW) will be temporarily bound to your account at the time of purchase. While on probation, these items will be bound to account for a limited duration, as shown by a countdown timer in the item's tooltip. After this duration expires, you will be off probation and the items will become tradeable (if they are normally designed to do so). If you do not see the countdown timer, the item is permanently bound to account by design.

In Neverwinter, there are multiple warning prompts before making the purchase, so please be aware of this restriction in case you do not wish to spend Zen during this time. The item(s) purchased while you are on probation will remain bound even after probation ends.

Can you remove probation from my account?

Customer Support can remove your probation status early as long as we can verify your purchases. Please note that this will be done on a case-by-case basis, and you may not get your account approved by the Customer Support team. Simply submit a ticket and we will evaluate the probation status as soon as we are able.

How long will it last?

The probation period only has a short duration (under or around 7 days). If you have plans to use the purchased Zen in the currency exchange or use it to acquire items from the C-Store/Zen Market to sell, we recommend waiting until probation ends or contacting us to remove the probation.

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