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yavieydev#1767 yavieydev Posts: 187 Community Manager
  • Audio and Text
    • Localization voice over has not yet been implemented.
  • Chat
    • Overworld chat is currently slow.
  • Graphics and Visual Effects
    • Collision on some objects may not work properly.
  • Grouping with Players
    • Users cannot invite or play in a group until after they've completed the Tazeem storyline.
  • Intro Cinematic
    • Some parts of the intro cinematic have not yet been finalized.
  • Performance
    • Some areas of the game are still being optimized for video game performance.
      • In the meantime, Planeswalkers who experience performance issues can lower their graphics settings via the main menu for a better gameplay experience.
  • Store
    • The Inventory dialog does not close automatically after claiming a Spell Infusion.
  • User Interface and Controls
    • Key binding remapping has not been fully implemented.
    • PlayStationⓇ4 controllers are not currently supported.
    • Controller swapping does not always work as intended.
    • The Options menu is limited during Open Beta.
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