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  • well yes and no. In all the CB's if you where pink me + guild mates will hunt you down to kill you just for doing it. It will slow down your lvl'ing alot faster then you think having ppl kill you and lose nothing. As pop goes it will be alot at 1st then yes die down til ppl get in the guilds that run the server and the…
  • well if it is like CB4 with 9 it will kill the PvP on this server. All you have to do is hope around and advoid/gank others. What they should do is make 1 relm for the 40+ maps and maybe 2-5 for the 30's. You can not pvp til 30 anyways so that would be better.
  • Yes money is fast items take about an hour. so never send $$$ and items on the same mail fyi
  • Feb 23rd . It hads been posted already. On a side note would love to see some talent compasses or something =(( Whats the point of a beta if you can not try out diff. builds ? /cry
  • you can DL the update now. I just did. Sever is still down tho
  • WOOOO theres more ????? I like this +1
  • Congratulations! Your account has now been activated for the second phase of Forsaken World's Closed Beta. Phase 2 will broaden the horizons by increasing the level cap to 40. This opens up a whole new group of maps, dungeons, events, instances and professions to experience! Get started by downloading the Forsaken World…
  • Did you even get into the beta ?
    in Servers Comment by zandora January 2011