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  • You are welcome! Found the two new ones Gypsy and Pirate sets. All races and genders, no restrictions. Gypsy Elf Female Gypsy Human Male Pirate Kindred Female Dwarf Pirate Male Dwarf Pirate Female
  • Thanks for clearing that up, you are great. This way I don't have to redo the whole thing, and I can finally go to sleep :)
  • Yes, thank you, I would love that if you could clear things up
  • There are seems to be to new sets, Gipsy and Pirate sets. They are available for all races, which means they are not class specific, since two of the races have only one class. Could not get a picture of them, they do not show up on the site. Will try to get them later.
  • Not sure about restrictions. The first pictures were listed as human sets. The elf was under wizard, probably mage (yeah google translate sucks) The rest was listed as dwarf, stoneman (no confusion here, one race one class)
  • Thanks for the advice and the offer. I’m not sure if I want to go that way with the site. First I just wanted to create a sort of info site, not some kind of community site. So I think I’m gonna stick to that, at least for now. But it’s good to know that I can find helpful people here
  • Actually I could provide a forum, but I thought there are enough forums for the game already. But will see, might put one up later, just not sure how I will keep up with the moderation.
  • Yes, will definitely work on it. And new stuff are coming soon.