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  • I did it last week it was: complete arena daily quest(quest automatically you get once you enter the arena). complete the FF 12's quest(obtain quest from npc and capture a flag). complete set of guild base quest(4 of the guild base quest -name broa…
  • I had a problem with my account where they forced me to change my email cant remember what happened exactly but they forced me to change the email but to do it I had to verify my secret question/answer. If the account is newer I don't believe those …
  • according to this thread(http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=537651&highlight=soul) the requirements are your character has to be 75 and must have lvl 80 soul power in your current soul tree to be eligible for the quest. If your ch…
  • Ive been 1st rank 2nd rank and haven't gotten prizes in 3 weeks one of my guildies get theirs but said they can only get it on Saturday. I normally do my HR on Thursdays and she does hers on Sunday night before close. So i am not sure whats going on…
    in HR Rewards Comment by yewmad April 2015
  • i dunno if anyone said it but it was probably just hitting the poison puddles
  • you can buy corestones for 2 soul diamonds I am a tormentor and I had no trouble getting ALL the skills so I am not sure what the problem is. I think I still have some stones left over and I didn't even purchase any.
  • mine isn't purple and its the same (Image)
  • I brought this to the support teams attention when the rune gift boxs from orbs rewards nothing to tormentor. They told me a majority of tormentor runes are not even implemented and are working on it.
  • (Quote) be glad you got anything at all so many people btching that their 100 accounts didn't get orbs on every single character. They already said they were trying to fix it.
  • according to this thread all the quest descriptions are bugged and the actual things you gotta do are different http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showpost.php?p=5026861&postcount=1 this is what you gotta do Level 60 1. Reach 60 Points of Dedic…
  • to be honest there are not new players just old players with new characters
  • supposidly there is only 1 lvl90 pet that is hp in the chinese version(original game) so no we probably wont get one. Also the mermaid is already purple quality
  • I know its not much but my alt has gotten 40 to all resist just from the resistance books(bought them all with stall for 3g ea same people selling 30-50 to me at a time) no I don't have alt accounts anymore as they all got banned for having "to…
  • if you can't send a ticket, submit an email to [email protected]
  • (Quote) and last time they automatically mailed us those things half never got anything and then they had to remail them like 2 or 3 times and still only half got them.
  • if you are trying to open both vice and virtue you have to get the soul power lvl to 60 or 70 i cant remember which before rodgers will give you the quest
  • could be for like these login events domino said he was planning
  • you will have to open a support ticket explaining what happened and the exact date/time that it occured they will then check the logs and try it on their test server and then if it is a bug or did infact happen they might compensate you with somethi…
  • dyos gaurdian mount 200 pearls soul hunter mount 200 pearls ironspire rex mount 200 pearls flying carp mount 200 pearls ladon mount 200 pearls arion mount 200 pearls flare gem card 25 pearls amethyst soul crystal 3 pearls lionheart chromatic badge…
  • I have failed 9x times trying to 12/12 my wep with 8 meteors everytime ;(
    in 12/12 gear Comment by yewmad March 2015
  • Pretty much no to all The limited boss spawn is suppose to encourage fighting over the boss which this would completely eliminate and we already have very little/no pvp besides 12's. Also we play the same server and we all know its the same people…
  • if you can't send a ticket, submit an email to [email protected]
  • (Quote) pretty sure he never said post SS on the forum its has always been against the rules to post or name people on the forum
  • considering you need 15 for a lvl5 rune and on eyrda atm they cost 30-45g to buy just one.. that is 4.50d minimum just to make it so you can actualy use it after paying around 2d for combining them all even just a leaf price drop on them would be …
    in Bound runes Comment by yewmad March 2015
  • hehe i see a gods gift box in your bag
    in -Trollface- Comment by yewmad March 2015
  • he said in his stream the plans for the anniversary was still coming or something so its not forgotten its just late as the norm
  • (Quote) just going to leave this here... http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showpost.php?p=5000721&postcount=2 "AdmCroxe 06-12-2014, 04:23 PM This exploit will be closed next week. I highly recommend not not testing my patience between…
    in X-Server Comment by yewmad March 2015