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  • love getting nerf over and over again
  • I'm looking forward to see how this plays out but its always fun to have Satsau back in LH rofl @"baphomet#7575"
  • Ill look into that and test it thanks :)
  • if this gets a fix before the wind reaper stacking bug i will legit uninstall this game and make sure PWE is ruined
  • 3rd time having to verify my client to get my toon on server this is stupidly **** fix the damn game without actually breaking everything
  • been playing reaper for along time, and ill say reaper by far is the worst melee class for pvp. 100% ive played all classes and have seen them all fight in detail. same stats vs same stats reaper will loose cause cc is sub par, while other melee have more disarm/interrupts, reaper has 0 interrupt skills, the stuns on…
  • I was told look at forums @"anole300#5837" where is the compensation for this i spent 200 dollars on a orb and nothing from support
  • no rolling back days after massive CSing from multiple servers will just lead to more problems then just mailing people orbs or leaves
  • i wouldnt complain if it was actually a fair fight but you know what lol thats not possible in this game
  • My reaper is at 24k atk 8k def 240k hp 620%cdmg 70%cdodge 97 board resists 574%cdef missing 95 gold necklace but have the ring an no gold gloves mind you. Max wind diestones and max wind mastery with 85 dark and few dark deistones done. Wind and Bind are what i pvp in but i prefer wind cause of raw dmg but even when i went…
  • Please put holy stone shards into an orb so everything can obtain said item only getting 1 once a week from Dimensional Wars is really unfair to everyone that wants the item
  • least its a step for them to tell us whats being fixed maybe they will tell us more to actually show they do their jobs
  • thanks been trying so hard to do it
    in HRD Comment by xnavax August 2017
  • for the proof of saying pure wind can do it https://image.prntscr.com/image/yAJgDLDqQnKQRL7BVXJnKg.png
    in HRD Comment by xnavax August 2017
  • Anole i'd listen to these players a product which FW is to us requires a customer base and if a customer base isn't happy with how things are going you will be unable to meet your quarterly quota if everyone quits game cause of lack of progression or even lack of action from the higher ups. I understand in china this game…
  • the only one that takes forever to get is Dark Void and wind strider. Tearing gale/gale rip/cyclone arent that rare
    in HRD Comment by xnavax August 2017
  • fix the wrath glitch for warriors going on atm and ill be happy
  • lol he is right on all counts Noru_Nieju 13906 737%cdmg 832 pve intensity 100 wind mast almost max wind diestones 94 wisdome energy gold boots no gold hands lvl 90 gold accessorey (neck/ring) 2996 wind ele atk Nyos Wind reaper. only 6.9k defense i think or 7.2k cant remember 366 Chroma still missing a GS5 and 2…
    in HRD Comment by xnavax July 2017
  • Wind Reaper Nyos tree still bugged after 3 freaking years. Arena still down 2 months and counting literally 13 wins from getting the weapon. WARRIOR WRATH GLITCH makes everyone of them just beat on people while you hope to tank it out as you grab RH. After all the major CS that just happened in servers all around We better…
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  • I went for the HE set cause for PVE i wanted to be a tankier healer and the HE is added to the Blood Surge Tick my blood surge is 10k+(without invig/Bloodmouner/blood thrist HE buffs) atm and im not fully geared i still have 200k HP fully buffed so why not increase your aoe heals since they are the weakest heal??? the HE…
  • Granite is amazing in pvp, daimond has stuns but granite is a whole other beast, marble is the pve tree hands down but Granite is good for both if built right
  • Reapers are a huge disadvantage to War/Prot classes Prots are just tanky and Wars have an insane amount of stun breaks compared to reapers, the only way i deal with Stronger wars is to litterally catch them by surprise but they can run around in champ gear where if i do im one shot by a war, prots have insane amount of dmg…
  • Pure wind reaper beating HRD 50 95 gold boots 90 ring/neck 95 champ 90%-100% reforge 99 wind mast(cause 90 dark mast is better than 82) 94 wisdom energy and Dark Void/Wind Strider/Rending Gale/Cyclone/Gale Grip runes max wind deistones did beat 50 without max mastery and gold boots but rest still was a thing working on…
    in HRD Comment by xnavax February 2017
  • Henry's 10 quests for 2 dedi is ridiculious, i could understand 5 dedi but 2 is aweful. the current rewards for dedi are not worth the extra hard work it takes to get 240 dedi, you basically have to no life to get that kinda dedi and should recieve something fitting for your hard work. Espically with the arena dedi…
  • give everyone the bloods and make it fair x.x since no one can do there job at PWE minus domino he does good
  • then y have 3 of my friends been able to log on to LH and i cant or like 7 others