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  • You sir... are an idiot. You have clicked the *zomg my computer sucks and I need absolute minimum settings* button (optimize display/lite graphics) and then logged off. When you hit that lovely button, the game turns pretty much everything off and then restores it back to normal when you hit it again. HOWEVER, if you log…
  • You basically have two options if you want to disable click-to-move. 1.) Learn chinese, go to wanmei forums and beg them in their native tongue to add this. 2.) Go play PWI
  • Generally get two flutes from henry per 10 completions. Plus you can buy them with soulgold.
  • Stupid people repeatedly asking the same question, even though it has been STICKIED for months... just plain **** me off. First there was the "WHY FOR I NO LOGIN" phase, Now there is the "WHY FOR YOU DELETE EVERYTHING" phase Next it will be "WHY FOR NO FREE LEAVES IN OB" phase. Seriously, hit the little search button up…
    in Wipe?! Comment by xephona March 2011
  • Lrn2Read This is literally YEAR OLD NEWS
    in Wipe?! Comment by xephona March 2011
  • The game is open in china, using the same coding as we have. Only difference is we are a patch or two behind, and it has been poorly translated. Common logic here. The game is completed.... Besides, my statement still applies. He is saying it is basically perfect and balanced AT THE MOMENT, and I was proving him wrong with…
    in Listen up! Comment by xephona March 2011
  • The lawsuit involved having facial and body features given a number identifier. The easiest example of this would be to look at FWs system. You have a slider with six or so choices, each one has a number associated with it. This number coding makes it simple to share the design of your character with everyone, without…
  • no the bottom blue bar at the FAR bottom of your screen
  • Town portal.
  • You sir... are wrong. Skills do not work as they should, (hunters mark does not prevent sin invisibility as it states), hence imbalance. Glitches cause characters to freeze until they are killed (stunning a vamp in bat form), hence exploits. Classes can be frozen by skills INDEFINATELY (bards slow stacks until ZERO…
    in Listen up! Comment by xephona March 2011
  • Yes it will happen. If you do not translate your entire thread will be closed on sight. Notice the different colored name? That means she can and will dispose of your moontalk speaking ****.
  • Creekbank, tavern quests, usually one high xp quest a day in addition to GT, cooking/alch tutorial, training time while idling at night, perfume quest, reputation trade quest (hidden quest next to the stupid socialite guy near henry). All of those are just the quick and simple basic ones that are in FH. No reason why you…
  • PWE was sued for stealing that character creator. It will never be used again.
  • 1.) Assassins are useless 2.) All skills that "counter" the assassins stealth (like hunters mark), don't function as usual, so why the hell should you get another advantage 3.) Recall your dumb pet 4.) Think realistically here, if you were a ninja, trying to hide and stalk your prey.... would you have a giant ****ing…
  • Read stickies. There has yet to be a data wipe.... THEREFOR?!??!?!
  • Inb4necrolock
  • Nothing? PWE re-uses everything.
  • This game does not know what a multicore processor is, so your 3.4 ghz i5 is running at... what? 700mhz? 3.4/5 Turn off water and shadows, watch your FPS double.
  • Two fun facts for you all. 1.) Previously, if you made a character name and then deleted it... that name was gone FOREVER. Be grateful you can re-use them. 2.) There were announcements of the "gods" of each server being able to start wars with people of the other servers. Which would make having two people with the same…
  • Best specs ever. Btw, turn water and shadows off. Helps the most. But yea, the game is using an engine that doesn't use most newer hardware (aka, anything newer than 2000.)
    in The lag Comment by xephona February 2011
  • I knew it would have been the perfect opportunity to start posting **** and stuff. Rats, maybe next time.
  • Crab already stated that we would. In his contest he stated that the winner would get $100 worth of leaves in addition to the normal phase 4 amount.
  • It takes 7 days to delete a character, after that, if it is still available then you can. This was tested successfully on the PvP server back in phase two.
  • It is a lot simpler than that. On the PWI servers, regardless of what server you are on, your names are not usable if they are already in use in that location. I.E. The US East servers all use the same database, and the US West servers all use the same database. The case here is that you are switching from PvP to PvE while…
  • Already is one, in off topic forum
  • Exactly 1 minute (from the time of the original server start schedule) for ever post made in this topic.
  • I have been attempting to locate it myself as well. I don't believe they have uploaded it yet. Here are the POTENTIAL links for the file when it is available, depending on what version it is. http://fw-ns.perfectworld.com/patches/manual/pem_0.3.9-0.4.0.sup http://fw-ns.perfectworld.com/patches/manual/pem_0.3.9-0.4.1.sup…