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  • Lol.. I have no idea what they are as I have been too busy with work to play.... But i vote that there be a special GM event (pwi style) with them, and other rare pets/items as prizes.... We haven't had a GM event yet have we? Edit: this avatar **** is pissing me off now..... (Firebat) Edit 2: wtf happened to our sigs
  • Waste of time, we won't get anything china doesn't have, and they dont care sabout our suggestions.
  • A lot of the animations are different between genders.... But come midgame you will be too busy button bashing to realize animations even exist
  • Crab said it would take a few days to get them... but that the CB3 and CB4 rewards would be useful to everyone. (neither of which I qualify for I think)
  • Nerd rage? :) Are you slightly upset that I don't think your names are special? Or that I don't want a single one of them? Or that you don't know who any of the famous people are here... Too bad. Now GTFO my forums.
  • You could have patched the old client a full HOUR before the servers were up. So that is your fault for being stupid. You could have downloaded the new client a full DAY before the servers were up if you wanted to play so badly. But you chose not to. LRN2LOGIC Crying because you can't play, when you had FULL knowledge…
  • :) Aww, you can't come up with a logical reason why you are posting in the wrong forums for your account. Isn't that cute. And the best names? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA They may be considered "the best" by yourself. But there are no "best" names period. A name is a name is a name. It is only considered to be "good" if it is…
  • http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/forumdisplay.php?f=77 You should feel mad, you actually were behind in the race. On the first page someone lists a few of the names you are so proud of. Har Har. http://fw-forum.de.perfectworld.eu/ = Official Euro forums http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/ = Official NA forums
  • You have just shown your stupidity once again. "General" describes the type of chat, within the NA forums. By your logic... does that mean "Technical Support" is only for robots? http://fw-forum.de.perfectworld.eu/ = Official Euro forums http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/ = Official NA forums Have a nice day.
  • Are you stupid? You could have patched the old client... but then you would have been slow on the name getting. The new client was issued a day in advance so people could prepare for the name race and avoid a 1GB patch on opening day.
  • Irrelevant. We are competing across three servers for one name, while your server has its own name list... totally seperate from ours, competing with some english, and some non-english players. Not nearly as challenging. Since you are on the EU server... shouldn't you be posting on your EU forums nao?
  • A few people are complaining about this.... Just delete them and remake in 7 days.
    in skin color Comment by xephona March 2011
  • English names on an EU server.... yep. Sure is challenging. That is like me bragging about getting German names on a Chinese server.
  • They were 15 minutes late.... And who do you suspect I wonder....
  • Probably wouldn't work. I am willing to bet someone made it just to save it for later, and is now using their real character.
  • WAY too complecated... Im surprised anyone took those during CB
  • Yep... during CB we tested this.
  • And what were those? Lmao... I spam made characters, disregarding appearance and class. yay for delete and remake later when the race isn't as tough.
  • Already made a post like this called "servers are up" But here are my names... Firebat, Railgun, Index, Fate, Frankenstein, Victim, Dionara, Sheik, Misaka, Mikako
  • Two pages of closed topics, half page of **** sent to the depths.
    in Exp Comment by xephona March 2011
  • LRN2READ http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=7131&highlight=Korea
  • I have already predicted the forum spam to come in the next week or so... http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?p=1580331#post1580331
    in Exp Comment by xephona March 2011
  • No... you don't. No one does. Game is wiped, all characters are deleted.
    in Exp Comment by xephona March 2011
  • Oh, I assure you that you do not have a level 20 warrior. And as for your question? You get the most XP from... Gods Trial, with double XP on, and the 1.5x idle XP bonus.
    in Exp Comment by xephona March 2011
  • There is no real graph/grid, the specifics are unknown. Basic details are as follows, at level 40 you can increase your mastery (elemental damage) and resistance (elemental resistance) The mastery is the main issue that I saw while in beta, though I never tried resistance. Lets use my MM as an example. At 110% Mastery, my…
  • PWE really needs to stop making so many damn games. They spend all this time developing the games, and then pop out another one next year. The games end up half-done, buggy as hell, and horribly unbalanced.
  • How is that even remotely a scam? Notice that email address? that is THIS website, owned BY perfect world. (most likely isn't a real email address, much less linked to paypal) So LRN2SARCASM you twit.
  • Yes, you must send a monthly fee to [email protected] via paypal. The monthly fee is only four easy payments of $99.95.