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  • best answer i've gotten so far, it's an old quest from sarah that can no longer be done. If that's the case, put the quest back or get rid of the damn coin. It should not be a space taker forever. Does anyone have a different answer?
  • Guess it is a Cox Telecom issue, I really hate them, they really do live up to there name. For those that don't know, Cox makes ComCast look like a bunch of Gods when it comes to internet. Cox sucks.
  • Why not just join a guild thats lvl 5 (almost lvl 6) and has no min req's on any of that **** you posted. People game how they game and when they are TOLD how to enjoy how they game, it makes the game no fun at all. Our guild only has a few req's, be lvl 50 to join, have fun and enjoy how you like to game.
  • those are for a quest, late 20's early 30's, really dont remember when u get it, but those are bombs you have to disarm for the quest.
  • Chars will not get wiped, at least that is what i heard as well.
  • In case you havnt noticed some 60 percent of all the bases are ready to collapse in due to lack of funds. Do you really think we need more bases out there to fail?
  • Again, just a log in issue, read the notes.
  • its a log in issue they are fixing, stop sweating the small stuff and read the notes.
  • sticky says there were log in issues and they needed to shut the server down to see why, no idea when it will come back up thou.
  • yup, seems like they have done everything possible to discourage botting and I like it.
  • Too many low lvl's lvl'd way to fast: didn't run dungeons didn't get better gear didn't get soul gold couldn't + there gear the 3x exp really hurt people that jumped to lvl 60 over night. on the other hand, 1.6 bil exp to go from 74 to 75 on reg exp, ouch, 2 weeks is my best guess. hahahaha. higher lvls could use some kind…
  • Even thou most everyone knows how I feel, Ill still say it, Make rlm 2 a pvp rlm, 1 rlm out of 10 for those that just feel like pking every now and then.
  • All i have to say to that, is im a sin with 900 def, 16k hp and 2500 attack, I like my mini tank.
  • if you take a day off from getting exp at lvl 71 u will be getting exp aid. but when you are getting 160m exp a day do you really need exp aid? The less exp you get for a day, the more aid you will build up. But it looks like you onle get 800k to 900k per day you miss at your lvl.
  • it used to be u could only get one out of AOS if the dragon that randomly appears was kind enough to drop its soul. Then they gave them away off the website. Then if you buy x amout of zen you could get one. Now i think it is back to the aos luck.
  • ringleader, is in the building north of the TOG pyramid. go up the stairs and in to find him. the scorpian king is e by se of the stone depot track stone, heavely hunted, good luck finding one.
  • the 100 is just the armor. if you get your sword to 12 it glows, but has no effect on getting you your wings.
  • 1st off, protectors dont hit all that hard, so unless they use there aggro shout, they cant hold or take aggro. Sins will usually take aggro which unless built as a def sin is usually a problem and tend to die alot. It is not easy to steal aggro back off a sin. Me i have 900 def on my sin and dont mind holding the aggro…
  • for PVP/arena your might as well grab all the health u can, red hand goes thru def like butter, seels like you would be better off with health. Could be wrong though
  • at least u found where to kill them, i was bugged and never killed a single thing, waste of time and effort. from what ive heard so far, glad i didnt find where to go. my problem is the lvl 60 area for eb is if u get the 1st hit, u get the kill no matter if u hit it again or not. Who cam up with this, the lvl 50 eb is dps…
  • Doubt anyone cares how many accounts u actually have, its when u start pulling them all into 1 instance. if your just making accounts for a "mule" purpose, who cares, have at it.
  • Oh please, give me a break, if your priest is holding the aggro, you are in the most epic fail GT ever, again just showing that the server is filled with players that do nothing for the party. Again, thanks for backing up what ive been saying.
  • Very interesting, may have to try that myself just to see what happens :)
  • Lets hope that will change :)
  • HAHA after all that, you can handle GT, really, GT is the best you can do. You have dungeons coming up with bosses that will 1 hit you and your +3 gear. You are probably the one complaining priests suck and cant heal, its not the priest, its your garbage gear. Thanks for proving my point. And no, you dont have to spend a…
  • What are you talking about spending hundreds????? Have you heard of a instance called GL or GT where you get gems. Oh you must npc them, got it, nvm.
  • I seem to recall mentioning noob char's running around in un+d gear as well, you are probably one of the mega noobs.
  • then make it pk, and have some fun in there. And make people gear up a little.