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  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAH ....dont you people get hugs from other people??:p
  • none of the two is easy. Im going us pvp with my guild but i still want you guys to have youre way too
  • We need to attack 3 times to just get the buff and more to just slow you. Nerfing this will make bards even harder to pvp with
  • 1 now, 1 when ob starts and one when i see you in the battles, or when im just bored and chatting with everyone in game. So you get 4 :D
  • Everyone gets hugs, but 10 is a litlle much, we havnt even met yet xp
  • 2 hugs for bob! cant wait to play again with the awsome tank in ob :D
  • Can we put all that hate away? Feel the love again? And get hugs?
  • why does everyone hate the carebears? im a caring bear and i go pvp :D so do you hate me then?
  • By the way, everyone gets hugs. doesnt matter if you are already a wicked member, our mortal enemy or future member. greetings from huglytuff xD
  • this isnt fixable cause it is this way implemented i think. IF you check youre instance screen they make 2 kind of instances gear and event, gear instances you can leave and enter as you wish aslong as a partymember is still inside. (handy when youre tank screws up in Arena and you need another one) event instances can…
  • Sins are the ones that take out the healers. You dont know how annoying it is as a bard to be in group pvp and POOF a sin appears next to you kicking youre ****. Go stealth, position yourself good and then the orhers rush the enemy from the sz, the enemy focusses on the prot war and then you as a sin can take advantage to…
  • Every bard has its use in group pvp and dont be fooled, good enemies wil target the bards and priests first. Most ppl go light because of the self heal i think, you survive longer then a wind bard but for every tree you need a different plan in pvp it doesnt matter group or 1v1. I havnt tried wind yet but planning on doing…
  • Pvp is a real part of the game, yes getting killed during quests is not fun. Had it alot of times. But seperate pve servers are gonna make the game bad. Most of the time people leave you alone or pk you one time and move on. Most of the time as said before its guildmembers that get killed because of disputes between…
    in Pking Comment by woefieke December 2010
  • I find it a very very good basic overview of the bard. Good for the people who want to know a bit of the bard. If you ever make an advanced guide i am willing to help ;)
  • too much pink?:eek: not enough!:p i just love pink
  • You make a good point actually. The unique thing will defenatly be a pro and abbout the hybrids vs the priest and mage well i geuss thats not class wise but playerwise if you ask me.
  • i agree with the 6-7 months would be a good thing. Maybe a few months more wouldn't hurt that much. And offcourse not too much cs things to help leveling later on, its just not fair for ppl who where there from the start playing hitting the cap in 6-7 months and then a few months later you see ppl hitting the cap in 3-4…
  • im thinking that a bard will be popular in the beginning from the newness but it won't last, bards are hybrids wich means they don't excell in a thing they are just good so many will try it but give up. Also the fact that you can't just skill spam away and really need to think ahead before using skills (note system) will…
  • I had a bit of fear for the music bar but now that the skills are out im really looking forward to playing the bard, the fact that you can't just skill spam as you would like is great, you need to think about your AoE spells when casting, just great :D
  • i think il come join, dont know my IGN yet but will post when i jave a good idea wil prob be priest or bard
  • i sure wanna try this class. just want to now whitch race will have them, i geuss elves right?
    in Bard Comment by woefieke March 2010