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  • same thing is happening with me. I push play and nothing is happening
  • well that lasted a whole hour. log in to try to finish some po's i was working on and get bounced out. Im seriously ready to quit, As much money as we have all spend on the game, You would think they could get there **** together
  • im so happy that there finally looking into the problems with disconnections. over the past 2 weeks I have done a tracert and many others and sent to them via email. The last email i got said for me to have someone look at my system and there is nothing wrong it. I guess enough people finally complained about it
  • ok seriously is anyone viewing these posts at all. I cant go take a **** with out the game disconnecting me.. Something is wrong and I would like to think I could find some answeres
  • Something is seriously wrong. Since last maintenace, im getting booted every hour or so no matter what im doing. Enter Gt or gt2 and get dced. Cross into another map and get dced. This really needs to stop
  • This is the first time i have ever tried a code and its not working.
  • ok so i obviously missed it, but thank you for being a wise **** instead of pointing me the right direction
  • I have searched all over for blessing of tenacity lvl 3... Can anyone please tell me where to find it. I have found 4 and above. Thank you