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  • its pop the same error like storm, unable to connect to server, ppl keep trying to connect but it kicks them back, a lot of ppl r stuck in eclipse, idk about SoO or winter heights but ppl are afraid to find out lol
  • damn this adds up to the fcked up situation that zods n eles are now, while gettign 36 toons is impossible in some servers that will only help u get 1 drop cos u need another set of 36 ppl to unlock the next drop. that is just 'GREAT'.
  • well they need to do something about it, zods used to be something fun pre lv90 patch, then 85s came buggy af on pvp servers u can easly glitch it if u make em lose the body count, so every week is about unbugging the thing n try to unlock it reset, now 95s can be dps but u need a bunch of ppl in ur base to unlock the drop…
  • i dont think if we merge our whole server together in 1 guild we still wont have enough for 36 players with 80 ress
  • well these rewards are bad, 800 leafs nowdays is 8d so u will be spending 8d to get 3d + a chance of some lil extra gold from poly orbs + misc stuff, u will have to get lucky on each char to even get even from this spending promo.