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  • Thank you very much for 5x EXP and SP - I do not know if this was last minute addition from my request or if was pre-planned but I am thankful either way.It has been a few months I think since we had it and even if only 1 week really helps active new toon level faster. Peace
  • Hi - If it is possible to consider adding some new artifacts to Rogers for the 18k bones many who use this method to complete their artifact pages would greatly appreciate it. Some of the harder raids drop artifacts such as Shadow Tomb of Kings and these are not available from Rogers. One more request if possible might you…
  • Thank you for feedback - Was hoping an admin might pop in to offer up some feedback to.
  • Thank you for the extended 40-day login event. Even though only 2 mercs per day not the normal 3 per day I am happy we had it. Might there be a chance we get another long login event like the last one with 3 mercs a day? . . Also it has been a long time many months since we had a code of any kind. I could be wrong but…
  • Prediction: PWE will never go through time and expense to merge servers when so few players can start new toons and build up and spend money all over again on more populated server of your choice. When none left in dead server they will turn it off. Just a prediction and sad news for all those who have to spend thousands…
  • Lets be honest - no offense to the people who work hard to make updates happen - but there comes a point of so many problems that a rollback is justified. No idea if this is what is happening but seriously... one look at the bug report thread and you can see what I am reffering to. If no rollback takes place I hope this…
  • Was on server 3:48 Vampire and nobody replied to my 'FIRST!' in world chat until 2 minutes later. Had to enter it a couple times too. :smiley: boo-yah! Good it is up. - 110 gear still takes legendary points both to buy 110 or upgrade from 105>110.
  • Hard to say.. the other servers seem to be letting login happen. Just Storm. Hmm.
  • Where do you turn these in at? "the roses"
  • I'm not an armorsmith .. however the armor you gain from quests/instances has a certain ranking.. the more stars..the better the equptment..morever if you luck out and get blue equiptment that the stats are helpful to you.. keep it! Be safe, have fun~
  • I never knew that you could toggle off and on..i appreciate the info :):cool: