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  • they logged on in yesterday morning 7:30 am EST and they both didnt get the orbs and the replacements were still not sent to them today is what im trying to say, sorry for not clarifying it.
  • Total close out arc and re-logged in (restarted Computer), Revenlite [East] Storm and Siemone [East Storm] , on both accounts and nope no orbs for any toons on either account for the last 2 days, Dom, :*( Just letting you know, many still having this issue, not resolved yet.
  • Could you let him Dom, know also, Revanlite [East] Storm and Siemone [East] Storm have not recieved Orbs at all today either. Told them I would post for them they for some reason can't get into forums today, glitched maybe? Alot of friends are DC'ing today for no reason also. Thanks drakenfyre, Brandaria [East] Storm
  • You are right on that one, Dom does care, but seams "no one else in that office does", and Dom can't do it all alone.. they need to help him fix it. Sorry Dom, it was not meant for you, was meant for those you report the problems to.
  • Well I guess, since im not lvl 60, (FW2 update deleted my lvl 70 char), so started this one all over, I dont get any stinking orbs anyways.. friends were right, No one in FW office cares . So unfair to those trying to have fun in such a glitchy game. Good luck everyone, getting them for your account. Time to find something…
  • thank you so much drakenfyre, appreciate it !! :)
  • well still no orbs or box, 3rd day, 3rd re-logging onto arc, now missing 300 orbs and a box, common Dom, make em fix it please.. yeah im dreaming again pinch me T;Sleepy T;Sly Edited to say: 4th day , still no orbs or box, now missing total of 400 orbs and the box :*(
  • Fully re-logged Arc twice now, once then was on all night then re-logged again been on 3 hours this morning now, still nothing, no system email , no box and no orbs.. so now missing the box and 200 orbs not sure if fully re-logging Arc is going to help this one Dom. :( Just letting you know, im still patiently awaiting.…
  • Nothing here as of yet, been waiting for hours, no system mail with no gifts, help please? Reloged, changed rhelms, still nothing at all. :( Brandaria [ East] Storm