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  • Super fun times!
  • I remember back when times were moved that it was promised the servers would go back to their original time once XS was actually fixed--which it looks like it has. We can has real timez nao?
  • From what I've heard, it seems to be a mixed bag. I know of two high CSers who didn't get banned and a few that did (all of whom exploited at least a little). Who knows what the criteria is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I've heard 1, 3, and 7-day suspensions. I guess it depends on how often someone exploited?
  • C'mon now. The bans are 100% deserved because the toons in question totally exploited, no doubt about it. Just bad luck that this is the one time they enforce it. Everyone who did the previous stuff got away scot-free, so people this time were thin…
  • Not to be a partypooper, but I'm almost positive soft reset still works. It's because everyone on Storm and Eyrda went to XS during the bugged time that the soft reset broke for one day only (the 'dreaded' 'went to XS after 12 and before 3AM' thing …
  • Someone in game said that arena was never fixed, it's just luck that it works on a particular week. It randomly goes from realms 8 to 15, and since 11-15 doesn't exist on our XS, when those realms get picked, nobody can get a queue pop. Although...…
  • I got orbs today, but the amount seems...off. I opened more than 3k (3.4k ish?) orbs and got 66 in the mail. That seems low, but maybe I'm remembering it wrong since each empty orb was so jarring? Did devs figure out what the empty item was suppose…
  • I'm not sure if activity has anything to do with it, but my guild has gotten EB quite a few times (at least 4, but could be more). We opened all 4 slots on the...I want to say second week, but tbh I can't remember exactly, sorry. The other big guild…
  • What about people who already opened the orbs and got nothing? :c
  • I didn't get any orbs until today (waiting on leaves bid, then waiting on possible spend promo), so I didn't see until just now that some orbs are indeed empty. I opened two in a row with nothing in them, with non-maxed SG. So...we're supposed to se…
  • To slightly hijack this thread a bit--is anyone having issues receiving mercs? I pretty much have two toons logged on 24/7, my main and off-main, both level 100. For some reason, the off-main isn't getting anything in mail, even though I've been try…
  • I just went to click the link, and it's blocked for me as well. Apparently Canadians aren't allowed to look at super secret fw stuff anymore.
  • No. Please no. I joined a PvE server precisely because I don't like PvP and the trolling/grieving that goes on. I made a toon early on in Eyrda just to see what it was like, and had trouble even doing quests since I kept getting one shot by people …
  • I don't think CS level has anything to do with it, as someone upthread said. None of my toons have gotten anything and I've been logged in on my level 100s for 10+ hours. Tried multiple relogs, xs, realm hops...nothing.
    in no orbs Comment by viiix March 2016
  • From what I hear, they've fixed it now. All toons are getting only first day rewards. Not that I can tell, since I didn't get any still, so...
  • None of my toons got anything after being online 10+ hours, and I've tried everything.
  • I was FKing so peacefully. What do you have against that, PWE. :c
  • At this point, I don't think it's a DDoS issue anymore. Something is wrong with PWE.
  • Ooh, I didn't even know the Playbow is 3 pieces. Cool, thanks!
  • Has anyone gotten the pants (female, specifically) out of these? Usually I see a ton of pants for every set on AH, but there's been 0 on Storm. Trying to figure out if it's bugged or PWE decided to flip the formula.
  • All this whining, and server is back up a full hour before EB ;p
  • Division: Current Characters Character Name: Myllakka Character Class: Priest Server: Storm Character Level: 90
  • I've had no issue getting orbs on any of my toons...including ones that aren't level 50 yet. Seems like literally every toon is getting stuff, even freshly made toons. I guess they really, really want to show a large playerbase for the level 100 pat…
  • For me, I'd say it's all my friends that make it worthwhile. Lots of funny things going on that keeps me coming back to stare at guild chat, if nothing else. From the single best durability ever-- To threats that didn't quite work out-- To tri…
  • YMMV, but something like this is good for pve: http://fwcalc.com/human-priest/#CsCsUpspZzGZaaaja2202T0Bhttttuuu-Ws-W- A lot of those skills are relatively cheaply runed (brilliance, blooming life, blessed recovery, etc.), so can put those points in…
  • Evasion is really not very useful in PvE, since with higher leveled gears mobs don't hurt very much, and you'd have to sacrifice too much for your eva to be very high. IMO, if you want to go full PvE divine, just stack HE and prioritize hp/def, then…
  • The Divine Tokens can't be exchanged until the alts get their Triumph Plain reputation up (level 5-8, depending on what skills you need), so it'll take effort and time. It's a pretty good prize really, very useful for toons that are played and can't…
  • The male version is this one: Stolen from Rhon, again. ;p
  • The sources are different. The bread is from a FB joke/event thing where people vote from 4 different 'doors' and then the one with the most votes open. This time, we just happened to get the worst gift (not that the other 3 were much better, to be …