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  • Play by play. 1st Assault: Booster wipes. 2nd Assault: Booster farms rh in sz with duels. Wipes Envy. 3rd Assault: Booster tries to farm rh in sz and runs to a hill. Loses rh. Attempts to farm rh outside of sz and fails. Envy wipes Booster. 4th Assault: ???? Booster attempts to farm rh in sz. Runs back to sz when they…
  • that isn't what Pew has been saying. you just keep twisting it to make it sound like he's a bad guy. which is why I'm afraid to post anything from my main.
  • when the hell did i ever say i was upset about items? I am upset about actions. i'm upset about how people degraded themselves to cheating and then how they acted after they got caught for it. stop twisting what i say and feel. all this does is convince me i was right not to say anything on my main.
  • You can be disgusted by how someone is acting one time but still love the guild. i said i was disgusted at how people were acting right now but not that I am disgusted by them as a person or disgusted in final as a guild. why would i stay in or still love a guild that I was disgusted with overall? your thinking and…
  • i'm not secretly against anyone. All I have said is that i'm upset at how people are acting. That sort of thinking is exactly why i am afraid to say anything on my main. people would decide to twist what i say. if that makes people in guild more paranoid then I really don't know what else to say
  • I've already said why. I don't think you believe things could turn around on me just for being honest. i'm not bff with borsook like you are. If i came out and said i was upset about how they are acting there would just be some excuse. That I'm jealous or hate Final etc. which is what happened with Pew. And several of the…
  • I never said I pretend to agree with Shyren on my main. You can call me a hypocrite if you want but i don't think you know the meaning of the word. So me saying that I love Final but am disgusted by how they reacted even how they cheated is me being a hypocrite just because i'm afraid of posting it on my main? I don't say…
  • I find it funny how everyone is acting. Well except Tenshi aka renisbackagain. You've always been a classic rager. And Shyren Shyren Shyren. How you've acted is more surprising. Asking people in Final to spam report KrazySin to try to get more people banned. Really? Your real life is a mess and I feel sorry for you on…
  • Tenshi bro I think you lost your capslock key sometime in your rage spam. You should buy a new one. You'll need it for your other incoming 100 posts. Keep 'em coming, Tenshi. You're the laughing stock of this thread.
  • RenIsBack ShyREN. Maybe? :confused::confused::confused: The rage fits don't you think?