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  • fk this game and their invite system. Since they start promising Beta invites I raised a 4 aps BM on PWI and got rank8 on 2 chars and almost enough for a 3rd. This has been a joke from beginning when entire guilds were invited, ppl didn't even knew they got in... Yeah, they will wipe accounts before open beta, then again…
  • Shouldn't a "work in progress" that's pretty much vital to the correct development of a high lvl char be a "ingame" issue? Dunno, I'm just saying, you guys have a brand new game out there, no one knows exactly how to build the classes propely and the only help you have is a half a** app that you don't really care about...…
  • and in your book that's good right? those ppl that never even bother to check forum or to report bugs are what you need for a CB TEST. Do you even realize what lvl of nonsense (not to say stupidity 'cause that would have made u mad) your post has? I don't think so...
  • his first post. don't get hopes up
  • friend or alt account of admin/GM ?
  • April 29th, 2010 Congratulations! Your account is now eligible for the Forsaken World beta! Follow these steps in order to complete your ... .. You will receive an email notification when the Forsaken World beta draws near, with more information on how to log ... yeah...that's how they roll. 1 account, 1 subscription.
  • it's not odd, it's PWE MO. they like to **** over whoever trusts them. Remember the scandal with the phase1 acceptance when almost a full guild got in? what do they do about it? nothing. Don't expect them to do anything about this either. I played PWI for 2 years and I don't see anything new in the way they are handling…
  • CRAB, honestly, for ppl like me that signed up for beta when all FW was a 10 text lines + 1 image webpage, not being accepted into beta at phase 2 is kind of a turn off. I mean, really...if you can't respect your old and loyal player base, what do you respect? (I know the answer is money, but I don't want to hear it). I…