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  • yeah, but they have the highest dps ingame from what I understood (didn't play one myself) so it's kind of a trade off. Highest dps comes with some risks. A bit lower dps and you get the range advantage.
  • being an idiot is no excuse. 400 pounds for charms and essential items? roflmaowtf? really, really, being an idiot is no excuse. Lvl 87 in PWI? lolnoob. 87. roflmao.
  • what's the zen/leafs conversion rate again? I might have got some wrong info, but that's just a small drop in the ocean. Well, I see the limit on how many times you can run an instance having a good impact in leveling the playing field. But by timed instances I didn't mean that I don't like being able to run just 3…
  • i played PWI for a really, really long time. FW is nothing like it. Don't get me wrong, it has some really really nice concepts and improvements over PWI, but there are so many conceptual things wrong with this game is not even funny. Try to go endgame and compete in either PvP or guildwars, see if you can make something…
  • nope, it won't. But I usualy made an impact in the MMOs/Classes I played. FW is a game for rich ppl with no life. I can't and won't play a game that tells me when I can and when I cannot enter a vital instance for either drops or XP. I won't play a game where instances that you're allowed in a limited number of times a day…
  • I wouldn't play this game again if someone would pay me to do it.
  • lol, yeah, but that's not a bad advice because of the...advice nature. It's bad because this friggin company can't keep its own schedule, cant fix its own mistakes and can't do ....well pretty much sh|t the right way.
  • wipe doesn't mean u can't learn **** or you should not try to learn as much as u can. It's game wipe , not memory wipe, this isn't MIB. And there, the attention this thread got makes you the winner. Happy? Now go buy moar fashion so u can get the 2nd place too.
  • troll /10char
  • are you dumb or just trolling? Open Beta is not when game goes live numbnut. Is what it is: A free access to the game for a limited time. Then every decent game will wipe and start the Live version which is actually the real and official game launch.
  • oh no, another one that spent his leafs on fashion... /facepalm. BTW, those stats at your lvl (HP, mana) are ridiculously low. I don't even want to open the dmg/def chapter
  • well, since is beta and u can afford to reset, do whatever u like. What I did first was to max out fireball (cooldown and mana cost). Then I reset and went 5/2/1 on fireball tree, and put 3/3 in fire mastery. The improvement in damage was significant. Now I went back to 5/2/2 on fireball so I can spam it. Pretty nice dps.…
  • uhm, ok, can you at least give a time frame for OB? From March9 'till ...... ? Really, I don't want to start a new char for 2 weeks. I had some plans with this one until the 23rd, but hey... Can I at least get an official timeframe to know if it's worth wasting my time in this game or not? Thanks.
  • just play as much as u can and you will make an opinion of your own. try jobs, try crafting, try fishing. You have a month to try things. THIS IS NOT A LVL UP RACE, this is a chance to try out things WITH THE LUXURY OF AFFORDING MISTAKES. Servers will be wiped in less than 3 weeks, so LEARN first don't LVL RACE
  • I don't think you're actually playing the game. Putting 3 points in mastery gave me about 400 dmg/hit on fireball.
  • not too bright , are you? of course there is open PvP in PvE servers, it has to be, every PvE server has them. No question about it, those will never come even close to what's happening on a PvP server, but yeah, PvE doesn't mean you can't PvP.
  • I really, really don't see the point of having a 1/day instance timed. Really. I mean, please, tell me what is the point of it? I understand, CB and OB phases might have the reasoning of limited playerbase so to give everyone a good chance to get a squad they try to make everyone be online around the same time. Really, I…
  • yeah, pretty much, the **** thinking inherited from PWI
  • well, go ahead with 5 tanks and healer do instances in FW, specially the timed ones. Good luck, let's see who's needed and who's not. And if you could not figure so far, tank and healer job are not really a "MUST". The auto -squad system started this morning a EC squad with MM, Mage , 3 Vampires and 1 Warrior. Obvioulsy…
  • No there isn't any advantage and thanks God and PWE developers for that. I'm tired of Cleric/Barb having a "first choice" in mats because hey, they have 30k repair bills or mana cost. This bullcrap was nothing but a greedy artificially created system based on the stupidity of the TT drop and gear logic that made a lot of…
  • +1 to OP. Although what you want to say is not crystal clear, I understand where you're coming from. From what I see now, after a few days of playing and a bit of gear farming is that having Bound gear is actually just looking stupid, but it might not be like that. True, if you have a socketed weapon/piece of gear you can…
  • yup, PvE comunity is always awesome, no personal rants and issues coming from RPK. If you chose to go PK you know what the risks are. Some ppl love PK, some just want to enjoy the PvE side of the game. It's the freedom to choose. There is no better choice, there is just the choice that fits you best. Can't really grasp…
  • yeah, game's gonna update then u can play
  • my reason for chosing PvE now is the fact that I don't like being roflpwn by r.tards with e-peen issues that are playing since CB1, especially now when I don't have any idea of builds and game mechanics. I'm gonna switch to PvP on Open Beta if I feel comfortable with my gameplay or for sure when the game goes live.
  • who the fk took my name? "Ursa" is my wizard name. Whoever took it will be stoned to death North of Library as soon as I get my hands on him/her. Someone lure Johnny away for a while, I don't want the kid get traumatized.
  • ain't life a bish. Anyway, no wipe, so whoever went on a spending rampage 'cause world as we know it gonna' end, use this lesson for RL.
  • yeah, reading through this thread I can see the brainless drones playing (and doing well) a sin in PWI. Of course you want skills like PWI, that's the most absurd, overpowered dumb a$$ Assassin class ever existed in a MMORPG.
  • I'm male IRL. Always played females in MMOs , for this simple reason: I don't like looking at a male's a$$ running around for hours and hours. I prefer looking at a woman's ****/****/whatevs while doing whatever in a MMO. Personal preference. I never hide I'm a male if someone asks me ingame.Ever.
  • think at the big picture: Open beta will bring at least 10 times more active players. The official launch will bring even more. Having such an event with a 24h span would be a logical thing to do. again , current player base is in no way relevant to the open beta/launch player base. You'll see how game changes once the big…