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  • second that. i'm not telling my ign either though.. :cool: it's not ob yet, names will be wiped anyway.. taken last yr.
  • second that.
  • i'm asian and playing on eu server. ^____^
  • did i get u wrong or smth? i can't kite, i need to cast a shot, then run, stop, shot, run again. i don't really mind this kidn of gameplay, i just wondered how u did it. o.o
  • thankss
    in FW Fanart Comment by tocki January 2011
  • the vast majority of the players using dwarves are girls who like cutesy things. - yeah. 10 points for dat. so true. i play a female dwarf myself, but dat's because i like the guns. i think pwe knew what they were doing when they asked designers to create a rather cuter race, dat's just hwo it is. loads of girls prefer…
  • okay. i guess i'll have to think things over, FWisn't worth getting a better notebook/or cpu for teh sake.. ahh.. dis sucks. but anyway thx for the detailed info :)
  • hey, thanks for the advice. i thought dual core 1.3ghz = 2.6ghz?? dat's above 2.4ghz isn't it? sorry if i'm wrong, dat is just what someone told me.
  • thx for ur reply :) but i prob. can't afford a better one, and even if i did, all gaming suited notebooks are way to heavy. (unfortunatly i need one to travel with) i'll try to run the game on minimum. settings i don't mind sum lag either.. as long as its not major i'm not a hardcore player and i did run fw on my old…
  • here we go...
    in FW Fanart Comment by tocki January 2011
  • try that in suggestion, but i think dat would be a bit too much to ask for. if they'd enable it for everyone, the god war system wouldn't be special anymore.
  • server vs. server thing sounds epic. i like the idea of interacting between teh best of the best.. but it's gonna be a laggy war. (i'm sure they'll take their time before cumming up with more information about teh god system)
  • got in phase 2 and 3 . lucky me
  • thanks for all the replies. i think i'll try both, the only thing i'm afraid of is dat Eu server might get a lil deserted. since lots of them will go on us server.. and about teh english thing, yeah, they teach us british english. but it still helps alot just reading quests and stuff, i reckon the shortcuts are bit…
  • oh dear... , LOL
  • what do u mean by unsealing? and is there any screenshot where i can see teh aoe skill?
  • hey.. I was planning to (maybe..) go pur Bombardier (pve) what type of pet would u suggest me to go with? also what role would marksmen most likely play in teams? since they ain't good at pvp, are they at least good at running?? (any freez/stun/charge forward skills??) :)
  • thank u :) i just send a ticket.
  • like i said, my comps a pain. good thing pw take their time for forsaken, i might b able to get a new laptop dat can run this game. until open beta ^^
  • azn power.. ingame crash. so ill sit and wait for the tech. supps. reply : (
  • auction house= nice idea! like it. i bet it will play a big role. (i did play a few mmos to a high lvl and it rlly sucked always having to look out for stuff and posting on world chat) Flying= love flying. but my graphic card is crappy. so i'm glad tehre won't be any flying it just makes my comp lag.
  • actually ive been waiting fro quite a while. i just didn't checked teh forum. i also thought the cb would come out around this month, dat's why i bothered checking fws forum. i just think it's not worth hangin around here bezus half the threads here are eitehr suggestions or speculations. i get dat lots of ppl are mad, and…
  • maybe it's sum sort of method to catch ppls attention?? i hope not. xD cuz it doesn't work so well. i'll wait.
  • Female Elf Warrior but in CB ill try diff ones and see for me. i played a few Mmos and i've always fallen for the Warriors. to me theyve got the easiest, best, solo build.
  • To me that sounds really complicated. ull need lots of species and i think dat's too mcuh time (investment) to make mutants or cross pets or whatever, i'm happy if the system allows tamers to have skill based pets who can even at a low lvl get stronger, what i mean is, dat id really love to have a pet dat will always be…
    in pets Comment by tocki June 2010
  • dat FAQ helped a lot, its the frist time i appreciate living in europe xD. hmm from what ive heard the game sounds awesome, im looking forward it. and if it takes half a year -then ill wait half a year :) Taking such a long time till CB hopefully means dat everyones working hard on improving FW, gettin into details and…