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  • Wait, wouldn't the trees expand as the level cap rises? or would the trees stay the same and we would just have more skill points to spend?
  • A fourth bar would be nice
  • 17. Players that don't understand the meaning of teamwork.
  • I think showing the number of total hp and mana instead of a percentage sounds like a great idea, but this will greatly effect arena because everyone will target the weakest member of the team. Maybe we should only have numbers show for only mobs and not on players, if thats what you meant.
  • lol I should of looked at the bottom right corner. It shows the picture is from the storm server. I'm from the Eyrda server.
  • That is true and that has came across my mind.
  • We can't really say for sure if the seller is a priest or not since its anonymous. Besides I never put the blame over the other classes. I'm putting the blame to people who **** the priest over with this outrageous prices. I'm just saying the price for priest scrolls are ridiculous. I mean come on... These are the top most…
  • I have the blackmail and not only do I have, but its on youtube >:D Blackmail that was used on Mc <3
  • Then why do I always get those things I listed then? I might make a test to see if its really the amount of earrings or if its really by random.
  • I dont really pay attention to the minimum amount needed so I guess: 2 earrings = re-id scroll and not a gembox.
  • Unless your not in a pvp server, you can't select only your enemy and for that enemy HP bar. Go to settings, gameplay tab and there is a option to see your enemy's HP and also their mana or was it your teammates mana >.< If your in a pvp server and do arena a lot, click on the crossed swords on the top left and select…
  • Its less than 48 hours ago you posted the same suggestion.
    in House Comment by supernoobster June 2012
  • Your right, he needs to save up more money to build a decent computer. Closest thing I could make to a computer with $300 Search these names in newegg's search box: N82E16820220571 N82E16819103886 N82E16814121410 N82E16811208041 N82E16813138293 total: $281.95 You still need a hard drive, about two sata cables, two 120mm…
  • Here is a auto-reply function they can have on. They could leave a note on the pm function saying"Sorry, but I'm afk at the training ground" Just go to settings, click on the gameplay tab, then look at the bottom right. There is a box where you type in the words. On top of that box, there is a small box, check that box to…
  • Sounds like a good system, but like you said in your small list of cons. Points are still farm-able, which is a big flaw in this system. Besides that flaw, everything looks pretty good.
  • People will be farming from those instance. They give a ton of exp. Only way they would allow this is if they were only once a week instance. You can do them any time, but just once a week, which is even less than three to four times a week.
  • That might actually be better than my idea from my recent post about their flying speed, but I don't think they would go for it. I mean they would make less money, which is "unfair" for them. That is going to be their excuse, but I am pretty sure they got enough csers to make and support this game three times over.…
  • I accidentally deleted the part about not flying in arena. Make it a "primary" button and make it a mount ability, so it won't be able to be used in arena.
  • Flying speed: level 1 wings = 125% speed level 2 wings = 150% speed level 3 wings = 175% speed I think flying is good enough. Don't want to make the op more op. It's pretty bad as it already is now.
  • Crit def. isn't very effective like how Nayaru said. Base crit chance is 8%, if you got two crit dodges that would make 10% crit dodge plus your base crit dodge would make a total 12% crit dodge. So having just two lvl 3 crit dodge and you face people without crit chance, you should not have to worry about getting crit,…
  • Don't forget if they get the pray crit chance buff. Either 16%, 20%, or 24% more crit chance would make it a 50% crit xD If the person is a complete cser, you are just ****.
  • Here are some more good suggestions that have not been suggested yet. Real Suggestions: 1) Either weekly (like every two weeks) or monthly patches that fixes minor or big bugs in the game. Weekly is for minor bugs and monthly is for big bugs. 2) Have a master/apprentices system similar to FW's Personal Suggestions: 3)…
  • Loose that axe/helmet thing on it's head, and it would be a totally epic looking mount.
  • PKers are easy to avoid. Simple go to the least populated realm. Most pking is done in trade realm. Least common is realm 7-8. At least in my server it's the least common pk realm.
  • There is already going to be a pvp expansion. The 12v12 ctf thing is going to come out, forgot when. That should be pretty fun.
  • High leveled players would pk low levels all day. Meaning the lower levels wont get to look around and will get confused on what's going on. Once the timer wears off, the "tamer" will probably go to a open area where they can pk the player again and tame them again. So it's going to happen over and over again. Pretty sure…
  • So far I have been using a iPhone to reply here and some words were auto corrected. To start: I could run three, yes three and not two forsaken world games at once on my decent gaming rig and won't lag much. My statement was that this game does not have a high end system to run this game. The problem is not the game, but…
  • I'm not treating you like an idiot. You guys are the ones using sarcasim. Laptops arn't made for gaming. I'm just saying I could run up to three games.
  • How about we lengthen the cd to one or two minute(s) and you transfer 15% of your mana with the cost of 15% of your own mana to the target so that way it's more of a situational spell.
  • I can see why there arn't many people on the forums... Okay, I can tell you have never made a alt from your response. Takes no longer than seven minutes to get to level five. At level five, you get your first favor. Use that favor and buy a dreamland potion and so on until you used all five dreamland. You have reached…