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  • By the way, I noticed that the name of your guild is spelled different on your signature than it is UNDER the signature. I spelled it the way you requested "Contottieri" but just noticed you have it spelled differently "Condottieri" in the area under the sig. If it's spelled wrong on your sig let me know and I'll fix it.…
  • Thanks, Thivus! ^_^ I'm sure we'll see after phase three (when people start working on their permanent characters) just how much PVP is going to be involved. I think right now in closed beta it's probably hard to say. Thanks again for the info.
  • Hey, Tranq. Welcome! ^_^ Check out the stickies. They have a lot of great info on the game, beta phases, dates, and lots of other good stuff: Be sure and sign up for the beta and redeem your beta key to be eligible to for the random Phase 3 invites. Phase 3 of Closed…
  • Thanks, strever. ^_^
  • Oh much is PVP a part of this game? Is it something you will engage in every day after lv 30 or is it pretty optional? Just wondering as I've not gotten into the PVP part of it yet. ^_^
  • You're welcome, hun! ^_^ I'm glad you like it!
  • @ ipeonrocks1 and sanadera - Oki guys. I'll see what I can come up with for you. ^_^
  • Abstract? I'm not sure I know what you mean as far as an abstract sig. But if you send me the link or show me an image of kind of what you are talking about I'll see what I can come up with for you. ^_^
  • I don't think it really matters does it? I think there will be a complete wipe and you can't keep the zen or anything bought from it after the end of phase 3 anyway. At least that's the way I understood it.
  • You're welcome, hun! ^_^ I need to get to the Stoneman/Protector now. I've had a request for that but have been busy. I need to move my bottom. lol
  • My pleasure! I'm just glad that there are people who want to use my sigs! yay! heheh ^_^
  • Here are the Freeport elites:
  • Anyone how's been on this forum for more than a couple of days knows the name Drakenfyre. You've been an active forum member and contributor for like 9 months, so you totally shouldn't have to start a new account. I'm telling you though, if you and Angelmuse don't get in Phase 3 I'm totally going to start a riot. lol
  • Here you go. Let me know if you want any changes. ^_^
  • Booo, some people just suck. lol ...On the plus size there's just one more week until phase 3. So hopefully you'll soon know if the name you want is available.
  • Look at it this way. You just created your account this month, so that would put you on the bottom of the list. So there would be no way in Hades that you would get in to phase three if they did first come first serve. But since it's random picks you actually have a shot. That's the up side for YOU. On the other hand, the…
  • lol Good plan! Just don't tell anyone your future character name. There are some mean people on here who would steal the name just to be jerky.
  • Yay! ^_^
  • hahah! I know right? I saw the little sushi guys and was like 'DUDE! I so have to make a siggy out of that!' lol Kind of sucks though. I'm making all these sigs and no one wants any. *sad face* I'm just hoping that once Phase 3 starts there will be more people wanting/needing sigs. ^_^ I don't want to stop making them…
  • Oh for the love of all that is holy - Read It. PS - Sorry I'm miss cranky pants. People ask this question like a dozen times a day. lol
  • Sounds good! :D I'm glad I could help! ^_^ Just keep in mind that some of the facial flair types are specific to certain faces (ie not every flair type is available for every face type), unfortunately.
  • Thanks guys! Yeah it would be totally cool if the mods stickied these *cough*hint*Crabclaw*cough*. hahah
  • Here are a couple of new signatures I made. If you want one let me know what text you want on it and I'll do the modifications for you. ^_^ *This one has been taken by Strever.*
  • Yeah, it would be great if the character creation was more customizable. It really sucks running into people who look exactly like you. lol
  • I had the same issue. Whenever I went to start the game it would act like the game is loading then immediately crash with a message that says "game.exe has stopped working". I found out that the problem for ME was the WeGame program (a video capture program). If you have weGame installed I suggest uninstalling it. That's…
  • hahah It's ok, I was just teasing you. ^_^ *hugs*
  • @ duimpel - ahahah! Your sig cracks me up! "Forsaken Me". lol I'll bet a lot of people who haven't been chosen for beta feel that way. Keep your chin up, you'll get in soon, hun! ^_^ *crosses fingers*
  • Wow, the game is still in it's second phase of Closed Beta and there are already guild alliances. Yikes. It just seems WAY too soon for that, but hey, if it works for you guys rock on. I would think it would be more prudent to wait until at least a couple weeks after official launch as there are a lot of great guilds and…
  • Hmmm You must be a mind reader. It's great that we know we can come to you when someone posts a remotely vague question because you're so good at knowing other people's thoughts. And by "remotely vague" I meant not vague at all, because everyone else believes that he meant stable as far as bugs and server stability goes.…
  • hahah! That would be awesome!