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  • double exp back on for awhile > any wb spawn
  • if you would step outside your bubble of self-absorbed ignorance it's quite easy to see via rankings that storm has tons more lv85+/lv90 characters. so no, the main problem is not on eyrda. you only think it is because your precious controlled commodity is no longer yours and that is the only excuse you can come up with…
  • so your guild/alliance group whines when no one fights you guys at zods and now when you have competition you just whine about how you're getting beaten for once? your guild and allied guilds both have their fair share of exploiters.
  • Both are effective every 5min when their superfeast is up, that's about it. Biased because GQ is your BFF but you don't play eyrda anymore for a decent enough opinion. Why are people still posting in this thread?
  • hey those euro players worked hard for their level, its not nice to discredit them by calling them glitchers! except milas players. but they dont really count. ;)
    in 12v12 Comment by spiceywings June 2014
  • I was also curious how in-depth they are going to investigate people. Obviously the frontrunners of the level ranks are going to get the most severe punishments for 'abuse' of the glitch, but what about the more casual glitchers? If you're going to be taking people out for using it they might as well make an example of…
  • honestly if servers who cant use the glitch have people who are already 84 or 85 then that should set the bar for banning on the glitch servers like anyone above that should get the ban. sg or gems isnt even a big deal with boss farming and checkin spamming or running alts through the invasion that gives gem drops. enjoy…
  • i feel like this is like when they gave out codes forever ago that had the aepolian steed mount in them that only some people got and others didnt and pwe couldnt even care less to give them to everyone after there was outrage about it because it wouldve been the ''fair'' thing to do :(
  • are you sure you even play this game? it doesn't change a single thing if the star crystals they send us are bound or unbound. know why? because when you use bound star crystals on the lower level grey gears it doesn't bind the gear. takes about 30g to +12 one of those to go and sell for 4-6d per. everyone on every server…
  • the slow kids proud of themselves for finally catching up with the other servers :D
  • he definitely knows :p has like 5 different decently-geared arena alts...this one definitely purely for show :rolleyes:
  • 5 azurecloud IV 1 solarflare IV 4 mistshroud IV not a single crystalline of any level sexy ;)
  • i was baffled how a thread on that stupid lv70 quest could possibly reach 3 pages, so i take a peek only to see its that annoying timsnow fellow flexing his mighty hypocritical keyboard warrior muscles. fyi tim, parking is a better troll than you because we all know hes a little off his rocker, and HE knows hes a little…
  • this renis kid just hiding behind an alt name being scared cuz everyone on here thinks hes a total **** douche lol