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  • Yeah, I can unfortunately confirm that blood surge and bloodmourner skills for blood vamps are broken/bugged. I still have to collect lvl 4/5 runes to confirm other skills when dyos/nyos effect takes over.
  • Yeah sometimes the skills don't register with the server when you use/click on them. You need to use them again and ensure a good ping. Also, some of the skills might be broken like blood surge, blood mourner, etc. I am still testing them. As if blood vamps wern't complicated enough. ;)
  • Bug Update : Step 4 : You get the quest, "War between women" and then its broken again. Please give this quest another fix. Step 5 : ??????
  • It is still a bug/glitch that needs to be fixed. Its commendable if you play the game without reading official descriptions.
  • [Dye] Demon's Tears is a different dye. This recipe is supposed to give Dye[Bittersweet], as stated in the item description.
  • I like it. A few bugs are still there regarding dedication points and my earlier bug report. Ship building might need some changes as even the basic ship components are expensive to build. Violet academy instance is incomplete. Twilight instance needs a guide NPC or something to explain the rules and the required teamwork…
  • Nice but, you still need a subquest to complete this random chain quest. Please fix this.
  • IGN - Dejok Server - Nyos Sarah(The flower girl) in Academic district in Nightfall citadel gives you a certain quest, "Carrier Pigeon" on a random basis which requires you to visit the pigeon NPC in Herb island. Upon completing this quest, you get a bound quest item, "Rose". The item description states that you are…