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  • Don't Merge There are plenty of players on Storm for instances. The problem is many people who could party up are not ready because they are away from keyboard (afk,) not ready in game, busy doing something else in game or too shy to get into a p…
  • I'll just be nice and say Happy Anniversary FW. Also, I miss: the Anniversary outfits we could buy with soul leaves my significant other how we used to help others through instances the awsomeness of opening Anniversary gifts in mail Thoughts for …
  • FW user: new arc forum totally overwhelming for one thing. Another thing, we all need to put initials of game we are discussing into the first part. If not I see no sence of visiting the forum, it's useless to me. I need order and easy to read set u…
  • (Quote) I have the problem too, am going to migrate to other computer. Game must be very quiet?
  • (Quote) I am having the same problem on just 1 character, the rest are fine. On another note, most of the time I cannot click on links in forum for some reason, for about a year, ty.
  • All my stuff seems to be missing and I am at level 22, I checked mail, bank and AH. Also my other toons on the same account are gone. NM I was on wrong server, now just waiting to get back into game, facepalm
  • Good job Deva's and all. Which WB doesn't matter to me, on a similar note how about a WB that appears when too much lag, appears in FH, any realm except 1 and 2, announced ahead of time, and makes everyone fight it. Especially during weekends. Anyo…
  • Fashion extension available to all and tons more will buy fashions, pleeeeeeeeeeeese.T;Begging
  • Reguarding old email account that you no longer have access to: Check your ticket, it might appear that it wasn't answered, but may have been. Check closely by clicking on stuff. If you can recall most of your old account info and have a new email…
  • (Quote) I don't understand why pwe's employees take off our holidays and times of peak business, it's not like it's traditional anymore for this country. When we need them the most, they're gone. Further more, it's completely useless to complain ab…
  • i I have found this to be true as well, if I am experiencing a possible dc and am fighting a mob/boss I keep fighting as though I can see it, which I cannot, when the lag stops I might be still alive and so sometimes I get through it. On another n…
  • (Quote) As usual the topic gets side tracked into a name calling criticism. Those pop ups get in the way for me all the time, useless to complain, as anyone who knows pwe (check out pwi for example, years worth and tons of complaints) "put up…
  • I hope that everyone who is feeling poorly gets well.
  • A new race resembling succubus that is smaller than Dwarfs, has tiny wings that help them hover or walk, male or female. One class would have weapon would be bow and arrow that flames to different colors depending on skill applied. They do a fair a…
  • (Quote) Giving this person the gloves back would prove that PWE has a big heart, what harm in taking a minute and with the next prayer the gods grant the same gloves (of course without the refines and gems) if my vote counted, or "prayer"…