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  • only thing I can suggest is that the admantine coins do not have a timer stack up 100 on each guildie then spam in 1 week all together to reach max rewards :/
  • Dearest Ricky (cleverworm), I don't even know where to start. We have been together for over 4 years now and each day we just grow stronger as a couple despite all we have been through. We have 2 beautiful children together and a home. Soon I will not only be your wife in game but in real life as well. My love for you has…
  • Division: Current Character Character Name: PoIiwag Character Class: Bard. Server: Lionheart Character Level: 90
  • This turned into a flame thread fast x.x Nevertheless I kinda feel like this patch was extremely rushed and forced down our throats :/
  • Oh right I forgot, me and clever are just stupid csers who don't know how to play our toons :( Sorry clever, you shouldn't be posting here.. You know your life is sad when you cant just say grats to someone for achieving something no one on any other server has. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all
  • cleverworm's anima rage x.x don't know how to add ss to this forum x.x but yeah.. that attack though...
  • I started experiencing this bug a while ago, it happened once I augemented my gears
  • just hover your mouse of gear to see the id, there is a few bugs much same as this all slightly different but easyily worked around
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_EsUJw8DQIowAaw_JxaypJkLwmWO58qhHlG3ovEQvVk/edit?usp=sharing and my last one. Amoe's decent into madness. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cC4dgBvl4lMYTv_URe-UNM--iME9d7i4o1EFTRYYU60/edit?usp=sharing
  • Hey 2/3 stories so far unable to view - need permission. If you don't know already, you can make it viewable without. Simply open up the doc the story is written on. Look in the top right corner under your avatar type thingo and you will see a big blue share button. Click on Advanced. Where it says who has access click on…
  • Poliwag from Lionheart here.. So with the opening of Eclipse hollow I just need to ask.. Do the dev's have like some sort of thing against Poliwags? Because I swear they have been leaving traps for me and getting me stuck in there.. I swear there is some sort of conspiracy against the Poliwag race.. Stop leaving the traps…
  • Saw someone state something about don't build your wind bard around attack.. Not sure if this person is realllllllllly stupid or.. Wind bard 101 bro, the more attack you had the better you buffed.. basic knowledge. But just for arguments sake ill talk about my bard. I wasn't fully attack specced I was critdmg/cc built as…
  • Yeahhhhhhh I just.. don't even know what to say to this.. I get windbards courage needed a little nerf but this was just way too overkill.. I just don't even.. A big eff you to all wind bards pretty much... Wind bard in pvp isn't even viable anymore.. its not even that great in pve now.. sigh Just tested and I lost over 6k…
  • Happy birthday domino you old ****!!!!!!! Also a big happy birthday to an even older **** Mr Infamoose!
  • yeah I patched to, don't think maint is actually over yet though as my mate when he tries to log in it says he has no chars on lionheart.. so lets hope it not over..
  • What spec prot is yours?
  • Man, I remember back in the day when people were so happy that charge rewards + MS bogo were on.. Now they come on here and demand more and more.. See what you did pwe? You now have brats! You spoilt them! NEVER spoil us, this is the result x.x
  • I mean.. I dunno.. In a way yeah but nah.. hard to say. Only people you can really be mad at are devs for putting the stuff for OH's there to begin with. Never got why they did that, always thought that was a stupid idea but what can you do? Infamous is right, we see this posts all the time and no, there is never an answer…
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6WLCm-mlwA Doesn't look like much but something about spinning around like that at that height just.. nope.. would NEVER do.. Mine has to come with vid to see the ride xD But yeah its pretty nerve racking this one.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAaOrZv_ka8 I also like the fact of this…
  • I just got to 47 with the mob I targeted @ 65% before I got killed x.x No way I can beat that yet QQ I had almost 5k defence to and they were smacking me 3.3k - 4.2k each, that hurt so much :(
  • Infartmous LOL Also Fanion you cant quit, we still gotta vs in 3s new arena season
  • Just gonna point out that the god exploit has also been used to 1 shot elementals and zodiac bosses. So idc if it takes 10 hours if it can stop the scum from exploiting and cheating to win then so be it. That flowers god exploit needs to be fixed asap. Atm we have someone willing to send his alt flowers to get it to stop…