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  • euphemai wrote: » That doesn't make sense at all, really. Why cant we decide how to use HR points? FW Logics FTW. Because it has been split now. before the patch you had a choice. not anymore. I'ts progress..... not. On topic: if those p…
  • Tonali - Storm Legion wrote: » It's either a typo or a miss translation, either way I think is better this way haha made HVS actually usefull 50% base is much better XD
  • ysar wrote: » Congrats on being first on your server sir! fixed it.
  • did you consider the following? all mastery/resist lvls bought with gold can be changed to the other side mastery-> resist and vice versa all points put in from HR cannot change anymore.
  • Ganymade - Dyos wrote: » Remove pve and pvp Add more fashions, let's just play dress up \o/ i like this idea. It's ON sister. Dress to impress!!!
  • Isock - Eyrda wrote: » HVS is better for pure burst, whit all the talents it gets is now awesome, MFB rarely gets any use outside getting soul bullets it used to be very good, it was my number 1 single target attack, by far.
  • Agreed, i've changed to full burst from burst hybrid, the other 5 points will go into absorbtion skill (soul tree) and the extra crit dmg is nice aswell, and the extra boost at base damage for burning swirl. This all together will give 4 good AO…
  • Thrashz - Storm Legion wrote: » the worst part is, if you change your clock on your computer to match the game time... game time will change too lol, FUNFACT #101
  • It's a false description. When we look at the max possible energy wich is increased by 10. we can safely say it's for a maxed energy normal rune instead of maxed advanced wich gives 15. That woudl mean 5 over max in theory. And why do you sacrif…
  • barrnabisagain wrote: » So... for my guild and I we expanded our bags and the bags showed up upon doing the Guild Trade Run quest. The bags stayed expanded for the duration of all trade runs completed that day. However... upon reset the bags w…
  • amarantos wrote: » yeah, lets link the cn patch notes and qq about how csers get privileges but completely ignore the part where it says you can get those starlights from guild exo and 30+ hr to trade for fa4 its only once/twice per week csers …
  • Makro_Arct - Illyfue wrote: » One orb for every 40 leaves spent. One orb for every 40 leaves charged. (so basically, like in old charge rewards promotions) The maths part is easy. People just wasn`t expecting to get them from charging. …
  • This will show who reads and who doesn't. I can't wait for the crying threads that will come between may 9th - 15th i spend so much leaves and only got 5, wtf PWE. XD i have to start making popcorn already.
  • serenity234876 wrote: » yes, would be great to know more information on star diamonds that are no unavailable and raising fast in price, also update on this dual client fix be nice, I assume its still being worked on It has already been …
  • @perfectallusion Why do you spit at the people that are trying to solve your lagg problem? you're a sad person. you deserve this lagg.
  • is everyone sleeping? haven't seen any recent posts..... Still can't login storm or eyrda. but i tried illyfue and that worked. ofc no toon on that server XD
  • i reduced my lagg and screen FPS issue by buying a new computer. This game is actually pretty heavy with the graphics. If your PC can't handle it, it will show up as lagg. My opinion: 80% of lagg issues is player side. I get dced 2x a month. …
  • katjared wrote: » In all these rooms mobs come in waves. So you kill fast but it still takes a fixed amount of time for next wave to come. So acclaim might seem low but you are actually doing very good. All u can do is to make sure you kill las…
  • *starts to google: forsaken world lvl cap raised 90* Wow so many threads about it http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=480311 If only you searched for 2min. it would save another useless thread. *calls forum graveyard to pick thi…
  • Thanks alot, now i have to go to the hospital because i broke a rib from laughing :-)
  • i've received the boxes for non beta players. wit the anni III title etc.
  • "We've asked you what the most useful items to you are and you responded" The sentence above disturbs me, who voted for this ****? P.S it was on facebook.....
  • i can see it 2 :-) I hope it's a bit less then 10k, that's insane even for the strongest gun in the game o.0
  • admcroxe wrote: » That blog is now correct. partially.... 20 x 0.75 = 15 leaves = 25% off 20 x 0.80 = 16 leaves = 20% off the blog now says: 25% off for 16 leaves It's just a beauty error now *.*
  • viiix wrote: » where's Cap'n Croxe? didn't you check the few posts? he responded in page 2 with a link EDIT: reduced the part
  • Rick_Rolled - Storm Legion wrote: » Its Rollback 2014 (no its not really a rollback) maybe, maybe not XD
  • Junovial - Storm Legion wrote: » Was in X-Server............ dced for no reason! wth is going on? our server has abandoned us. winter sleep?
  • yeah, 3 topics about the same. look!!!!!!!! before you post...