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  • The quest are not available ONLY for the PC version: mobile and XBox work wonders!
  • More than the nerf itself, it is the lack of infos that makes me mad. Like we aren't smart enough to notice... QQ
  • Merge is not a solution of anything. We lack population and day by day more (smart) ppl leave: even if we make just an huge server, it just buys time, maybe 2 months, before it is empty as now... Just remember, this is not a "game", more like a "gamble milking machine", so do not expect anything. Facts prove I am right,…
  • Indeed: 40k NORMAL attack = almost 1hko with a crit of just a normal attack, which is spammable, no mana cost, 1s cd. Little too op. Considering it makes basically useless all the mast/res training...
  • Well, PWE is not famous for listening to players' advices, sadly. Been here since the start, I saw many GMs leaving, broken promises and so on. Not gonna repeat myself, but staying on topic, I am not sure a server merge would solve anything. People leave for a reason: game is boring. And WHY is it boring?
  • Think he meant it is not a money problem, nor items you get. Simply, even if with just 5k USD I can make a full maxed char with a special item, why should I do if all I have to do is just wandering around yawning at NPCs?
  • Personally I do not have any problem if you reply to me. Was just a quote to quote to quote... That's all. Chill. You're welcome!
  • I tried to help you, my bad having hope on salty keyboard teens! QQ
  • World doesn't spin around you. Ego issues? o:o
  • Competition and Arena do not couple, p2w ain't about competition. And, well, if for fun matches you mean facing the same 2 teams like 9 times in a row, well, you clearly have no idea how a mmorpg is suppose to be.
  • Do not write ****, it is so immature and bannable (read ToS).
  • Well, no, I just wanted to reply topic by topic, wasn't sure you were able to read the whole wall of text! :D
  • CASHER DETECTED. Beware, he bites.
  • Kinda pointless thinking about Arena since China has released Golden set (weapon included): all you need is collect the items and then we can settle some entertainment 12v12, catch the flag and so on. Arening for gear is so old school. Get over it.
  • Side note: the glacial's stun comes from Frost Shield (as many stated already, also I believe someone veteran like Divillae deserves some credit). It lasts more than a sec, so it needs to trigger it and you attack before the buff expires. Only changes made, called "ninja" ones because no patch notes, are related to rebel's…
  • Nice "bs thread btw" sentence from you, it tells enough about your teenaging random rage. Go open papa's wallet and then cry noone wants competition. Do you know? You're the 17th or more "smart" ppl who wrote that kinda arrogant stuff hiding behind a keyboard on those 7 years. And all left. More poor than they started.…
  • Noone asked to max score for everyone, can you read? Noone wrote about free defensive gear for all toon, do you understand? The fact you won't lose score upon loss does NOT mean you can easily get 2700, are you smart enough to understand that?
  • No idea if you're a veteran or not, but "competition" and Arena doesn't work. Ppl dodge or do not care at all anymore. Just acting like the cool guy under relatives' basement behind your keyboard does not make you look smart with your just 2 lines of teenaging text.
  • You really can't understand at all. And you're out of manners as well. Guess that's what's left on game. Good like with your attitude, pretty easy looking cool under the keyboard...
  • If they are unbound, you can sell those! Like 5d per piece! Unbound stuffs are so rare they're almost priceless, some collector will pay a lot!
  • Sure, can't wait to open Orbs... I mean, it's so funny... Literally the CORE of a mmorpg.
    in goodjob FW! Comment by senrin March 2018
  • Read it carefully. What does Scroll of Recall say?
  • Well, game changed both "playstyle" and "business model" so far. Definitely heavy cash shop based, if you wish to be competitive or, at least, try raising all features in game in less than 15 years. Lack of fixes (Arena unavailable? Chinese text? Mistranslation on skills? Class balance?) and proper patch notes. Weekly…
  • "Posting to an old thread which has not been posted to in 30 days or more" is considered necro. Go read ToS. I might add, even if they do not usually ban nor I personally care because seems bit too harsh as rule, even "bumping" is not allowed.
  • We still wait for the poster to reply us... What's the point on a Forum question if you do not let us know your feedback? Oh, well, maybe another rant topic? QQ I mean: you posted, we read it and replied to you, ain't kind to let us know you appreciate our time? No wonder otherwise even Forum is dead...