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  • Hi ProTank and Abels, thank you for your replies :) Most of my gear is refined to 3/12, just enough for 1 slot of gem. I have also tried to re-gear myself with HP stats, but found out that although I have more HP, I am also taking more damage. Which would be better? More HP and more damage taken, or more Def and less…
  • They have been selling for as high as 4.2G at Illyfue :mad:
  • Thank you VeinsOfSil for your reply. It helped a lot :D I'm a Prot, and is trying to be as useful as possible. It gets frustrating when people are shouting at me, telling me that I'm doing it wrong, but at the same time, they don't want to tell me how to do it right. :confused:
  • May I ask, what are zeals for?
    in Guild Zeal Comment by seeyees April 2011
  • Hahaha, yup, the 3 of them, they are it :D
    in Questions Comment by seeyees April 2011
  • I got my mount but it says that it will last 4 more can i get another mount? are there mounts without time limits? You can buy a permanent mount from your Rep. Agent (Gronny, Sophia, or Alain). They cost 30gold Soul Coins and you need Rank 4 reputation from your respective faction. Im wearing 5 unidentified…
  • What do you do in all the instances except god's trial (i know that's just slap and tank the monsters) Most of the instances are the same. If there's a monster, kill it! :D * Night Carnival - A series of mini games you need to complete to gain tokens. Tokens can be exchange for gold coins or equips. All instructions on how…
    in Questions Comment by seeyees April 2011
  • Lightning Charger can be found at Eyrda Boutique (cash shop) :D
  • Go to the Mailbox. There is one near the Healing dude in City Square :D
  • What about linking location? Is it the same too?