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  • Hey again everyone. Dl'd the client and got everything installed 2 days ago. I'm currently a lvl 21 Marksman named Kjell, although if we need a different class for stuff I can start one. I am having some problems with a couple of minor quests, especially that 'Rub Fishkin oil on the tombstone' one. Anyways, let me know…
  • Unless I'm mistaken, it would be on the right side of the main FW page. Once you sign up you will get a confirmation email. Then you wait until the 27th of October to find out if you have been picked for Phase 1 of the CBT. -Brian
  • @emichan Hmm... reds and blacks for colors; a dwarf with a gun for pic; something 'rune-like' for fonts. I think I've decided on Anak Firespike for my main's name. Found this, don't know if ya can do anything with it or not... Let me know if you need anything…
  • Sure, if you have time, that would be great. What ya need from me? -Brian
  • Thanks for the add folks. Looking forward to blowing up lots of stuff with ya IG :D As far as those little graphic bars go, since I'm looking to use a Marksman, has anyone made a bar with 2 black Aces and 2 black Eights? I have zero graphic design ability unfortunately, otherwise I'd try to make my own. -Brian
  • Dwarves have always been a favorite fantasy race for me. Blame it on too many years of Gotrek & Felix stories I guess lol. Plus, the FW Dwarves get massive firearms. Can't beat that. In most of these type of games i have played, ranged classes are what I gravitate towards, so marksman is what I'll try first. And this may…