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  • I agree feb, healer's talent tree's suck. I may try divine/chasten build see if decent heals come from it. Level 29 leaves a lot to be desired for the class. On the better side of things, mana consumption wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.
  • I would like to know as well, suddenly my signature is now gone, yet some accounts still have their signatures up? Id like to know why.
  • Just wanted to pop in and say congrats on getting the guild up. And to appologise for underestimating all of your hard work in FW. See you all around! Sakora
  • Well PWE did **** up there, a) beta lottery b) extra key's for your friends. Those are just two of many marketing campaigns gone wrong. Keys for friends in which friends end up in beta and you dont, while you've waited many months for the game and been a contributing member in the community. Yeah that is not fair at all. I…
  • I wonder how many people will be pissed when the find out the friends they gave their beta keys to got into CBT and they didnt. This strategy of giving out two beta keys with that email doesnt make much sense, and would likely **** alot of people off if that event happened.
  • Cant wait to get into the new house, wont have to deal with the bar noise anymore. Excited to move in however I am having major nightmares about moving in and getting moved in.
  • Hii guild, havent posted in a while! Been busy packing and getting ready to move to the new house :) Internet will temporarily be down for almost a day, unless someone is **** enough to have a non secured wireless network, which is quite likely in this town!
  • *checks her email daily to see if shes made CBT* :( alas no email. I hope that the CBT'ers are specifically chosen on the ammount of activity on the forums, cause then Im hooped.
  • If I could I totally would, however I cant... so you sacrifice some sleep!
  • Safe and paranoid are two totally different things.
  • If you had read my previous post about ALT's you would see that I did say something in regards to ALT's being in a separate guild for ulterior motives. To me it sounds like you are beyond paranoid someones going to try and topple the guild with an ALT. Whats the worst an ALT can do aside from sandbag and add another number…
  • This is very true, especially with the high end perfume's (not the cheap drugstore/wally world knockoffs) Also it is good to check before purchase the type of spray it has weather its short and very direct or dispersed or long with a wide dispersed area. Every bottle is different so you have to look at options on how to…
  • As long as the alt is active as the rules/requirement is, I could really care less if they have chars in other guilds. But alas I am not our leader and the choice is not mine. Some people do have the time to play two characters in different guilds and be very active in both guilds.
  • That I am not sure of as I am new to Ragnarok and no where does it say the limit on our forums. Right now not to many people use it.
  • Hahahah god I loved that show. On the actual topic of alts in different guilds, really I dont see a huge problem with it unless the intent of that alt is to cause issue with the guild (not saying our guild, but any guild) Just because some guilds dont get along doesn't mean that all individuals of the guilds dont get along…
  • 8th! ... Ironically my number in sports is always 8!
  • Zatoichi is awesomeness
  • With the acception of Guild Wars. And Possibly Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet has already stated that players who played Guild Wars Eye of The North will have their character names transfered and reserved in Guild Wars 2.
  • I believe I saw somewhere it aimed for a CBT in the fall, which would either be the end of Q3 or start of Q4 so sometime in september to mid october.
  • Some of my Favorite Quotes: "A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "the universe", a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is kind of a prison for us, restricting us to…
  • Pencil work is sometimes the best ground work! It can easily be scanned into a comptuter to color, or you can color it with whatever media you choose. Or better yet it can be shaded in different tones of grey with pencil! Dont count pencil out!
    in FW Fanart Comment by sarula August 2010
  • Very nice job, and I <3 Techno too :) www.good-tutorials.com has countless tutorials for site coding, photography and Photoshop! I used this site to learn alot of the basics and tricks with photoshop. Ive been working with photoshop since 6.0 (soo a long time) Deviantart.com also has alot of tutorials for all areas of art…
  • I was just agreeing with chaoticshelly that the thread doesnt belong in General Discussion about FW. If I was a mod this thread would have already been moved. If your so bored of the dry information mainly about FW in General Discussion maybe you can cure your boredom over in Off Topic where theirs 9pages of threads for…
  • Perhaps you cant read the main page, ill copy and paste what each of the Categories say. And Yes their isn't a lot going on in the General Discussion page because well simply the game hasn't been released so naturally their wouldn't be a whole lot of discussion about the game, as General Discussion is for discussing…
  • Its called a Terms of Service contract and at any point if you feel someone has violated those Terms of Service you are 100% welcome to message who you need to get it taken care of. However I can guarantee no gaming company will ban or suspend someones account simply because you feel they are being "mean" Everyone…
    in For Jerks Comment by sarula July 2010
  • I have to agree with chaoticshelly. This post belongs in Off-Topic Discussion, and if people spent a quick second to look at available topics they would clearly see an Introduction Thread already created with many replies. Its not a matter of weather chaoticshelly is trying to impress a mod or not, the useless topics…