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  • Take the road to the North-East. in a minute or so on the right side should the be character Treasure Seeker Henry. talk to him) Good luck!
  • But still, the EB doesn't have the Star of Fate. Where can i get one? long time ago I saw it on the Auction House, but for the 2 month already there's NONE. Where do you people get it from? is there an instance or something?
  • it is better to have a pet with the high rating and transfer to him your low-pet's talents. you will end up with even more higher rating pet with the talents of the low rating pet))).
  • P.S. right now i have a Tamer job lvl 2. So far i wasn't able to raise any of the pet's talents levels higher then 3rd by simply combining pet's souls. The Soul Combination process works either for a transferring talents from one pet to another, either combine two talents with the first levels into one talent with level…
  • hi everyone. I've been researching this theme for a time been and now i want to share my results with everyone else. first of all, it's cheaper to raise your pet's talents to a 3rd level with just a soul combination. if you want to raise pet's talents even higher you will need to spend some money. I was able to raise my…
  • Hello everyone, I've got the same treasure map and i found the treasure chest, BUT... i don't have a tool for it to open!((((( can someone, please tell me where can i get it?
  • Hello everyone, i just did that quest and it took me quite some time to find that location, so i want to share my knowledge with you. First, you need to go further the Emperior's Canyon. you'll see the huge Beetle (reminds me of an air baloon) near that strange creature there is three palms. Under those 3 palms is a…
  • Hello everyone). I wanted to buy the Eyrda Leaves for my Gold Coins. I went to the Eyrda Leaves Exchange put money to account, bought leaves and put them to the bag... The problem is that my Leaves isn't showing up at all. I checked several times my account. it shows that i definitely bought it, but I still don't have…
  • Does someone knows what it is for?the Garden Planetoid in the Guild Base when Chief Botanist teleport you there. I've been teleported there and there is only two plants in it (lvl 6 - Mystery Plant and lvl 7 - Alien Plant). the whole s[ace is round and really small. it's easy to fall dawn. I do not understand what should i…
  • if you can't stop players with their selling, then make those things really cheap.))) then people who sells tons of things like Mercury statue would think twice if they want to spend lots of energy and gain only little bit from selling such cheap product.))):p it might resolve some of our troubles with the game);) btw,…
  • Hi everybody, The vendor system is pretty much easy to use, but I still can't sell my items to another vendor. When I'm trying to move my items to the vendors window, it didn't works and the red letters appearing, saying that i " have to finish talking to the NPC before using this item". :eek: then how can i sell it if i…