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  • ah, looks like the anniversary event all over again, just with reversed positions now... >:)
  • If it is like before patch, you'll need 20 silver coins to get rid of the -200 mercury reputation points to get the trade run quest again. If you haven't even got the 20 silver coins try to sell some cheap **** in auction house. Also, you won't get gold coins from trade runs, only soul gold coins if that's the reason you…
  • +1 this Also, what happened to the talk to the developer thing... I've nothing heard/read about this since the initial post...
  • It'll take at least 1 year till we get this patch... if FW is even still up and running at this point.
  • It's the same as with everything else... we don't have the same playerbase as China to support systems like his. They probably have tons of new players every day that run these low instances and sell the stuff in ah... we don't. The question is, will they change this for our version to work with our playerbase?
  • There are max and min level requirements for fissure... If you haven't seen ToG or WC then your level is probably to high... tomb of glory > max level 59 wraith castle > max level 79 if I remember right.... it's noted in the party apply thingy somewhere... Edit: Also, if you try to cheat the system by taking some low level…
  • It's still obtainable... just not for high level players. Boiling blood for example drops in low level fissure (Wraith Castle or Tomb of Glory if I remember right) ... problem is you won't get ported in even with low level player in group, 'cause low level fissures are capped at level 79 (?). I did some testing a while ago…
  • I'm with you in regards to not exclude Milas from the anniversary event... I'm pretty sure PWE didn't fix s*it... it fixed itself temporary because of the time saving change some weeks back. So the exploit will be back in September/October when the next time saving change thingy arrives. At first I was pretty pissed too…
  • Sent you a forum message...
  • Playing without arc works fine. Ask your friends/guildmembers ingame how to do this. Posting the how-to isn't allowed on forums.
  • Did you check if there is a pem.exe process running in task manager? If yes, kill it and try logging in again. If you're unsure about task manager and killing processes there, restarting your PC will have the same effect.
  • There is no way to pick up a new fishing rod at the moment. Only way to get a new rod is to freeze the fisherman job and after this learn it anew. You'll get one then from fisherman tutor.
  • I'm from Dyos and I'm very sorry that THIS is the solution our CM has come up with! As it is I'm protesting against this possible rollback on german forum too 'cause it won't help and only aggravate NA and english-speaking EU servers. We just wanted some sort of anniversary gift too and definitely didn't expect this…
  • So you say if it were reversed and Dyos, Shylia and Milas got the orb/package deal and the other servers got only some measly facebook/forum events you'd be happy about it and wouldn't complain?
  • You might want to reconsider this... The same love and Anniversary Spirit PWE showed Dyos, Shylia and Milas? Well have fun with what you'll get here in EU x-server, I guess... As long as what you bring isn't nearly equal to the stuff english-speaking servers get just don't bother... No thanks!
  • Dropped some unbound lv75+ blue gear (boots if I remember right) that I had in bag to scavange later in my last FHoF run... <.< Edit: 2nd Ice Boss... System log said I've been killed by myself. T.T Didn't know I were suicidal. >.<
  • I'm sure everyone on EU server would be willing to exchange these OSOM EU EVENTS for the 4-year-anniversary stuff US will get. <.< These EU events failed every single time since they've started them! Something goes wrong every time and the players had to write multiple tickets to the support to even get the - in all…
  • I really hope for you over there in NA servers your anniversary will be better planed than the one Dyos got. Over here we got a couple forum/facebook events with submitting screenshots and similar stuff and only the winners got anything at all. And there were also parts of a code posted ingame over the week that after…
  • Don't trust Google Translate... Quick & Dirty Translation: There isn't any mention of points for leaves spent. The second line basically says the same as the first. ^.^
  • I'd really like to know why THIS rumor is still around after 4 years of FW. Got this Mail March 23, 2011... so since then beta is long over... ^^ Regarding Bugfixes I guess they'll talk pretty soon of fixing all mayor bugs within the next content update... whenever that might come.
  • I read somewhere (probably german forum) that when you use a very long signature, then you won't be able to change it anymore. It's a bug I guess, so you can only hope of a fix anytime soon.
  • You can still pray even if you don't choose a patron god. Just activate praying in bot settings. ^^
    in Pray? Comment by saielakes March 2015
  • You guys should distinguish between dc and game crash. If you get the message ingame 'user doesn't exist' or anything like 'connection lost' then it's probably an dc. Everything else, like the game closing on it's own whether there's a error message popping up or not, is a game crash. The screen the OP posted is a game…
  • You'll get a fishing pole when you take the job. If you're unlucky and lost your fishing pole only option at the moment seems to freeze the job and take it anew for a new fishing pole. :(
  • Here's a somewhat up to date title list... but remember many of the titles won't ever be available at our versions. The Spades Titles are almost at the end of the list. I suggest saving the picture on your computer... its pretty big. xD Have fun finding out what you'll have to do to get these titles. :> Klick me!
  • Do the new main quest and you'll get the shelter anima eventually. Don't be lazy. :P Works also on older toon... ^^
  • Did the 70 gate today... last part is alchemy training you can take at Luia... Edit: Level 70 1. 100 Dedication 2. Room 26 in Hell Road 3. Enter the CRACKED Shrine of Light and kill 10 Servant/Venomous/Evil Satarya - changed but dont remember sry ^^ 4. Kill Desollar in Tomb of Kings - Tavern Daily (Find the Lamb) 5. Kill…
  • Ok, so NOW I want some real clarification... preferably by someone official. We (German Community) got told in January by moderators that the charge reward system has been changed to not reward points for spending leaves ingame anymore. That's a fact and as far as I know it's true. No reward points for spending leaves at…
  • So then why is it that people report getting points for spending leaves? Shouldn't they've got Nine-Tail-Orbs instead of points?