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  • I think you guys forget that Vampires are a constant state where as Werewolves transform into the beast. What do you think the Kindred should transform into? A big bat? A super vampire? No... Lycan transform is just a attack speed buff of 15% and dispells slow effects upon casting, nothing major really.
  • Why do you think they are doing the Auction Event? They are trying to remove the inflation of GOLD because of ALT ABUSE. Any event that has gold coins as a reward will damage the game economy and make it harder for players to use that gold to buy the things they need simply because everything will be more expensive. Runes…
  • This a completely stupid idea considering the fact they are trying to sink all the extra gold that was put into the game. Events should give items that players need and are hard to farm or collect a good amount of to help with player progression or something cute/flashy as a bit of fun. FW also has no middle class…
  • I think you missed the fact that I said a FORUM search would end with no results, which your reply ends up proving me right as none of the links would have been found via a forum search. Thank you for the image links though, last time I tried to Google search the fashion sets I only got things unrelated to the game, which…
  • Or they won't be, is it so damn hard for someone to post pictures on here for me? Geez, no wonder the game forums are so negative. You know what? Forget I even asked... It just must be all old fashion even though there is no pictures to be found of the fashion in the orbs but hey, do a forum search since people can't help…
  • I still want to see them? I never said they were new.
  • The ratio is 1:1 for the raffle, not charge rewards. What aren't they answering here?
  • How long has the game been down for now? x.x
  • Oh is that how you get that quest for SoO? Well damn, I got the Eclipse Hollow rank quest from the Vengence Promoter and I thought it was the same way with SoO. Nevermind about this thread then :/
  • Before you say anything to counter this, I have tested this on a toon who already has the Sea of Oblivion quest, that I picked up on that toon before this bug, and dropped the quest. He was able to pick it up again. However, I then logged a Lv75 toon that had not grabbed the quest before the bug and it's not available to…
  • What do the element attack (Wind Attack +123, for exmaple) stats do to the damage output of skills? I had heard it was just normal attack that was added onto that type of element. Example, all my wind skills would have an extra 123 attack added onto the base attack. Is this true? With PVE Intensity and Tenacity, how much…
  • Will SoO bosses even be around when the 100 patch hits?
  • Lol! Cute things are always squishy.
  • Yeah, it's starting to get a bit annoying. I wanna get in and buy some of that new fash, so glad it's mostly male this time around.
  • Who cares? We still need answers and it's better than making a new thread.
  • The game has drastically changed since OB. -The main city is Nightfall and you can not access Freedom Harbour at all. -Two new races(Lycan and Demon) and two new races(Bloodraider and Tormentor) -Instances have been compressed and made more rewarding for spamming. They are classified as Basic, Medium, and Advanced random…
  • What really makes Dark hit more? Is it the buff talent to give Crit Damage/Chance based of Crit Defense/Dodge? Do the skills have a higher base damage? Is it the skill Hostility that increases dark damage by 20% on the target? Is it the way you rune that tree? I think that Bloodwind is still a very good DPS tree but not in…
  • I live in Australia and I buy them in sets of about... $50-100 once a week from EB Games until Charge Rewards open.
  • I hate the log in rewards that give stupid op rewards. It's not hard to make alts and it's not hard to get then to lv60. Make it lv90 to open any future log in reward orbs that are bound to stop the alt abuse.
  • It's almost been a month, where are the devs?
  • Use prepaid cards, they don't have a limit.
  • Yeah, I got Earl CS rank. That is what I am showing off, sorta. #DirtyCSers How does Houdini CS on FW? By tossing his wallet at the screen so the money appears in their pocket. c;
  • Lmfao Domino.
  • Screenshot the quest log and put it up for us to see.
  • Yeah but you need Memory Pearls to buy the item, how many people will be catching up that'll have the gold to buy memory pearls or will be CSing to get the Ocean Orbs from the Charge Reward page?
  • Zombies would be an epic fashion, you could even do a brains on a stick fashion hand held or a scary pumpkin one. Is it possible for our halloween fashion ideas to be relayed to CN to be made in time for Halloween, Dom?
  • You can use Gold to purchase more bank space, which is what I did. Bag space will always be something you have to get from the Cash Shop until someone is kind enough to sell them in AH.
  • Are you running the game with or without ARC? Personally, I feel like the game is more unstable with ARC not running in the background but that's just me. When you load up the game, check to see if the game uses a lot of CPU or anything, perhaps you might need to run a repair from the patcher. If nothing you try works, I…
  • You can do 9 quests for 50 rep exp for that area, then it's like 2 rep exp from then on. The 9 quests counts for both areas, example: I do 4 in Eclipse Hollow but I go to Sea of Oblivion and will only get 50 rep exp for SoO for the next 5 quests.
  • Yeah, it's not a big nerf. The changes are, as follows: Overall - Stare from the Depths having the invincibility (That lasts for 3 seconds after targeting an ally and using it on them) changed to double defense. - Demon Contract having the 30% damage reduction removed and getting the 30% Attack increased boosted to 42% -…