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  • Theres no such thing as middleclass in pay to win game either u cash and survive or u dont and live like a hobo in game
  • U do know game is all time OB it never went live
  • THis topick died long ago there wont be any answers
  • Now they need more money becuse the flop of rollback that they had to give up many items so ppl need stay, and sweeping under ryg that they left ppl so many gems.
  • ANd if u have a good credit use it as u will need plenty of money
  • Should as them did u try turn OFF and ON :D
  • Everything in this forsaken game is bad timing :D Tell me domin how much unique connections are to the game is it more then 100?(lets say for Illyfue) :)
  • U can allways as for a chargeback if used paypal simple fast and PWE will have to appologize Paypal if they see ppl are charging back and they maye take back charging to them for that :D
  • U would buy thoes orb with real money u could file a legal, if u used leafs u can do shiet till u can get hemmoroids, TOS stands that they will provide u a refund of leafs is some disaster happens and they will do that(but no ETA) other actions that make the social unhappy that some individuals rosed to top to faulty bugs…
  • Domina, PWE failed 3rd time with the bugs that costed ppl alot and u fail to do anything not to anger milk cows. Its simple telling to honest players to go make love with them selfs, as if u get something from a bug u gona keep it and try get as much as u can of them before they close the server to remove said bug.
  • That was allways the same who ever gained something from exploit/bug gets to keep it(remember arena reset 1st, or the other halloween when we did pick NPC portraits and u could refresh site and get what u wanted) as PWE cant do that to payin customers or they throw a tantrum and go away, and we will lose our milking cows.
  • beacause of this im not bored im amazed :D and u know how much each time more ppl cry puts a smile on my face, and they think of how much awsomness pack Domina gona prepare for them so they can stay and ravel in this putrid pile of sad excuse of a thing thats calls its self a game. I tell u Bobby alot of times :D
  • Ofc they wasted to much money to tis god forsaken game as ppl are to lazy to look and try something better as dumb pay to win games have systems that ppl sink to
  • I was not negative i am honest, and truth sometimes hurt, but the way to be cured is to admit ur sick. :D
  • If u used Paypal u can allway try and refund then PWE will have to make excuses to paypal why ppl are mass refunding, u will get a ban for it but u dont care anymore so but good name(if they ever had) will be hampered a bit
  • THis best summs the halloween
  • The pack was in Spend promo U can get it by just giving them money for the gr8 job they do to maintain this fine quality game with 100%bug free, no pay to win and awsome milions of events that not involve money.
  • Becuse in PWE game u can exploit and keep them things.
  • yes and lvl 99 masteries and all resistances not to mention full divine wings to the extend that each have lvl so if some1 has lvl 2 they get full lv2 wings, milion tofs, 2 milion Statues, 3 milions of immortal runes lvl 5, and 1 set of each fashion that was realesed for this FW.
  • I did wrote it u can exploit and u will keep what u gained they just turn off the posibilities but what u gainedits all urs for keeping, becuse thoes are our paying customers we cant take that away from them or they stop paying and what we will we do. Exploit everytime u can just dont tell or the admins will take it…
  • Me too but dumb ppl will praise Domina for that pack like would 2nd comming of Jesus happened even if there will be **** like arena(that dunno if works again) freedom stones.
  • They were said to be baned but they were not i know atleast 3 ppl that still ale playing and were keept their items they got from the other halloween so its just bull shiet and a scare tactic want to see how baningh looks in proper game PWE never does that im playing 2nd game and…
  • Bad idea real bad idea waste them in wings and there will be no trace of them, many times flops of PWE made them keep their stuff even exploited or gained in bad manner like there was with refresh bug on sometime ago we had a promotion it was prolly for halloween to when they setup a page where u picked a pick of a NPC and…
  • ofc u dont rember how was with other exploits, all were swept under rug and the exploiters did keep all they got oh remember arena bug? it was sweept under too ppl had their gears and compensation for thoes that followed rules was an arena card and thoes stones forget how they called that u can use on arena. Here in PWE…
  • its will be swept under rug like all exploits, and they will do **** about it man remember x server bug
  • Here u go i will repeat my self, but i already wrote why im here and u saw my posts so i will just quote my self So if u still not get it, it's for the Laughts lots of laughts and sometimes even rotfls, and that You all so much adore Domina and w8 for his posts and promises which in the end he dont even give a monkey…
  • Ofc thes will be keept as a token of aprecitation for heavy cashers and sweep under the rug an u wont see anymore updates on this just w8 for the compensation pack that will give u soul leaves/star crystals/maybe a Title We **** up AGAIN/and 1 maybe scroll of masteries and resistances. And keep still csing
  • Oh didnt U know most of thoes are heavy cashers we cant remove them gems or they gona leave us and stop trowing money at Us, U stoped so no good threating u Bobby Oh forgot again but its kinda late here: Happy Halloween hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhah suckers Dont forget buy new orbs