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  • So basically this update pretty much gives stuff for the spenders and the ability for the non-spenders to block more of them?
  • If you, as a highly geared Prot, can't hold aggro, you are doing it wrong, OR, you are partied with morons. Period. I am a lvl 79 Marble Prot. NON CSr. My gear is ALL less than +9. I frequently party with a mage that crits for over 100k. I party with a LOT of winged CSrs. I HOLD AGGRO. I can TAKE aggro. From the…
  • log into Storm Server and hunt me down. I am Uncle_Fester, leader of Legit. You can give me some info and I will see what I can do.
    in FW Fanart Comment by saacred May 2012
  • in FW Fanart Comment by saacred April 2012
  • I am a digital artist and did this for my friend 'Baby' on Storm Legion Server
    in FW Fanart Comment by saacred April 2012
  • LOL I DID send a ticket, and they told me to post this in the General discussion section of the Forums, which I did. and SOMEBODY moved the thread here. *sigh* Just another thing to get lost in the shuffle I suppose.....
  • I dyed the 30sg one, but just forgot to delete the time limited one from my bag. When the time limited one expired, BOTH Balloon mounts disappeared, not just the time limited one
  • Prot: This whole 'Bunny Strippergram' thing better work... Dwarf: Shut up, and pretend you are small..... Prot: WTH!?...You weren't supposed to EAT the Banana..That was for the finale...*sigh*
  • A guaranteed upgrade would do nothing but slant this game even more in favor of the heavy CS Player. At least the way it currently is the average player has the same % chance per try as the idiot who spends thousands on a video game.
  • You might recalculate, I believe (but haven't verified before this reply) that the calculations of the description are correct, BUT only if you apply for you chars BASE attack and def, etc, NOT by the adjusted attack/def on your status screen which is increased by your various gear items. Get naked, Then do the math again.