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  • i can't believe that you're saying that C is limited. lmao -.- Low level programming means less limitations and more pro people in the project, not the opposite.
  • I think you should report it as a bug since you will get more attention from PWE by doing that , there must be a ticket system somewhere right? -and btw its good to see that the beta testers are reporting stuff- if you report it, let them know that the screenshot text is odd. "the screenshot has been saved to your…
  • @bunnypirates : that's the best solution to bad groups :> get your own fixed group and all "grouping" problems disappear.
  • waiit, runologist ? what class would be that ?
  • maybe a good prize would be a cb account approval for the winner (is he/she is not in cb yet) and is he is already in cb some extra leaf for testing purposes ? -if i didn't make myself clear, let me know since this is not my native language :S sorry-
  • then the whole westernisation thing that we heard you were doing for forsaken world is just a lie ? (and by lie i mean "not so true" ) like "look how cute the new "westernized" fashion items are!" but never "hey, we added **** marriage because we are not homophobic" or "now girls can carry guys, coz we are not sexists and…
  • WAIT, you're saying that you hit every single person that yells at you? OMG and this! i hope this is a joke lol . (if not, i will start to take u.s.a movies more seriously)
  • super cute elf. :) -lol i was referring to some elf i saw before in the thread and now i can't find it to quote the post xD sorry
  • super cute elf. :)
  • /agree , scheduled days and hours for arena sucks. BUT in cinderboy's post, he mentions that they have the scheduled arenas in china , not sure what PWE is going to do with the international version. -.-
  • maybe the guy just doesn't speak english?? i don't think he was trying to dodge the censor... it's way easier to just write the words different like using spaces, slashes, changing letters for numbers/symbols etc... and when you write in a language that isn't english to a random person you never know if the other person is…
  • ... Everyone has to deal with it regardless of your comp specs simply because the game was coded by a monkey with aspergers syndrome and it does not take into account multiple cores or any graphics cards developed after 1980. really dude ? aspergers ? what relation has aspergers with bad coding ? and yes, you will be able…
  • seremos un duo priest/warrior, como hacemos para anotarnos para estar con hispanos desde la CB4? gracias. Hay algun ventrilo/ts para entrar y hacer la espera con todos? ____________________________________TRANSLATED__________________ we are going to be a priest/warrior duo, how is the application process to be a part of…
  • cuanta gente hay en "hispanos"? how many ppl is there in "hispanos"?
  • best #1 post i have ever seen, lol great guide for the new protectors :>
  • ya im playing too but im in a p.server while i wait for forsaken world CB4 :P hehe. dude im soooo adding you to my friend list when this comes out hahaha.
  • Is there something like a war status between guilds that doesn't just end in a few hours? let me explain =>i would love to see a war system where you can declare war to another guild and just be in that "war status" , being able to kill their members with no penalizations and gaining reputation for example. It's a really…
  • l2 was developed by koreans and fw by chinese for what i know, but i love to see some ex l2 ppl here ^^ pvp is gonna be awesome if l2 players are coming to fw.
  • buenisimo , saber que ya estan logrando sus metas es muy bueno, hay guilds que todavia no hay juntado los gold para crearla asi que con eso ya veo que el standard estara mas alto de lo previsto :) jaja. Un saludo y sigan asi :> PD: estamos todos vagos hoy que posteamos traducciones horribles de google? jajajaja…
  • en el thread dejo el link el lider :P es este http://hispanos-fw.webcindario.com/ the GM left the url in this thread ;P http://hispanos-fw.webcindario.com/
  • jajaja ahora me acorde de quienes son :P estaban en aion, eran asmodians y siempre andaba matando a tus miembros cuando hacia rift para conseguir petals :P jajajajajaj que buenos ratos pase en ese juego xD ojala fw tenga un pvp tan divertido -ademas tenia un conocido ex-elyos en tu guild, no se si te acordas de fernando,…
  • ah, ya los conocia... son los ex "sangre latina" ^^ buena suerte , nos vemos in-game. TRANSLATION i already knew about your guild, you're the ex "sangre latina" ^^ good luck, see you in game
  • im looking for your guild in google and i cant find you ;( what are the requirements to enter the guild?
  • estoy googleandolos :( no los encuentroo por cierto que requisitos hay ?
  • ejejje si en eso tenes la razon :P no tengo noticias de que las demas guilds hispanas ya hayan creado su guild in-game por lo que he visto en sus foros . Felicitaciones chicos y mucha suerte :> Tienen un foro o algo donde pueda saber mas de ustedes ? cuando entre quiero ser parte de algo organizado,que apunte alto y actue…
  • Mucha suerte con el guild :> Que tipo de guild es? PvE, PvP ? en que tipo de server van a estar cuando hayan servers pve y pvp? -por cierto, no son los primeros, solo en el foro creo que ya hay 3 :P - ______TRANSLATED TEXT: Good luck with the guild :> What type of guild is it? Pve,PvP? in which type of server are you gonna…
  • Blog, forum and server RaidCall Hispanic community forsaken world. / / Blog, forums and RaidCall server for the hispanic community of forsaken world. Good:) I am creating a site for the Hispanic community Forsaken World, I wanted to invite all those interested to come into the forums and contribute what they want or simply…
  • that is a entire new game dude... good luck with that :P lol
  • if you had problems with gankers in aion, i dont think you can stand this kind of pvp where you don't even know who is gonna kill you... at least in aion you can identify people of the opposite faction and hide or something if you dont want to fight but here you just don't know if that guy catching butterflyes is thinking…