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  • Lovely style =x reminds me of 16 bit snes games. Lovely art. Makes me wanna play snes kinda haha.
  • An elven warrior... wielding a katana.... too lazy to even work more on it...So this is final. If these contest had a reward... people would actually maybe put more effort in the drawings..... So I suggest put rewards.... Else it is the same like in posting in fantart section.
  • Almost finished zzz to lazy to, so gona take maybe few days more to finish it completly -.- A forsaken elf... warrior... costumized with a samurai sword ...
  • Another question would be " what is she gona do with that staff"....
  • Thank you, and my sincere apologize if you get it in a negative way. IF you can draw girls in a seducing way, you have skills, do don't get it wrong.
  • She kinda has her legs spread... like if she wanna get... you know what I mean =x it quite a good piece of art. Atm I am working on this piece of art for the second art contest... putting a lil bit more effort in it... -.- It is a sketch, so all kind of things can change =x not definite version.
  • After 1 whole year, I am a legend. A player which will be known by all. Feared by my enemies, loved by my friends and admired by those who know me from by stories. An all rounded well build warrior dominating as a god. But also very lonely, because I will be untouchable to most players, and what I will be longing for is a…
  • Forgot to write my name down somewhere on the drawing... so here again, since I cannot edit my post. And phone cam quality sux =x to lazy to hook up my scanner -.-
  • Bored like hell, so made a fast sketch =x I kept it simple so others have a chance to win zzzzz (2 hours work)
  • For the mean time, while the GM's are not working or solving anything. My guild still will have Legends on the hitlist. This is just to make sure PWE protects there costomers wishes and actually do fullfill our wishes to keep up a high standard of providing services to us. No offence towards the Legends members (feel free…
  • As said before and I will say it again, a conspiracy or rather corruption... can destroy the gameplay of thousands of players. Many scandals happened before in other games, but to relate this to PWE. I will once more bring up a scandal which involved a product of Perfect World. Around proximate 2,5 years ago Cubizone, the…
  • No, I am not from Nocturnal. You are very very far from it. And my forumname is way different from my gaming name. You know, I am kinda a ****, only in this case! So I will not tell you at all and will let you keep wondering who I am =x.
  • Not gona reveal myself for now, my guild is a surprise ^^ but we met years ago. The thing is, that the guild is associating with the GM's. So both sides feel it eventually anyway. But as being a player, the only thing we can actually do is kick ****. Simple and not to be underestimated, because we can touch them =x.
  • Unbelievable that 90% of legends guild got into CB. While my guild only has 5 people who got in, my guild existing out of a number of 70+ people. But no problem, at least I know which guild will be open for facerolling. So good luck legends for trying not to kiss the ground to often. My guild will target your members,…
  • Corruption huh =o Corruption once happened at Cubizone, a Malaysian company that host Perfect World games. When that corruption occured, a group of 20 people went to there office the next day. Things got smashed badly there... and the admin working there, got fired eventually. Btw that guy is still being hunted, so he is…