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  • I wish I wouldv'e gotten back earlier xD
  • hey ppl, I'm back from school :D
  • nah, ill just keep sulking until I get to play >_>
  • im gonna just keep playing Aika until I can get into CB :P, I'll be bored but aw well
  • pfft, im sure us sins can take over on our own, and even if vamps and sins had its own alliance, the chances of it being broken is 300% :P
  • pfft, i never even had the slightess thought in making a kindred assasin, human make ftw :D
  • (Double Post) Ahaha....funny thing uh...I read the FW mail wrong...actually i was denied -_-
  • Me - Eon Shield = king of being KoSed. D: But anyway, since phase 1 will only be till lvl 30, it probably wont be too bad but I'm sure you'll get in to the guild nevertheless. After finding out that you'll be around, it just wouldn't be the same without you.
  • Iv'e been denied!! Nah, just kidding -_- Approved
  • -yawns- Sleeping in classes has never been so comfortable -_- hey guys
  • rofl, that's Monsters for yuh, but I agree, to KoS a guild before its even made is pretty insane. Anyway, I think Ima go now, I wake up early for school. Ill be on forums tommorow too since the first part of CB's starting soon and I wana count down to the days >.<. pce guys
  • pfft, i only left cuz i had to get ready for school, but since im settled down now, i think Ill be sticking to FW. Oh, and did you hear that the old Monsters is joining in FW . I hope they dont give out free CS items for WC again, im already friggin tired of Kai Kanamae's mouth in forums D:
  • true, but nevertheless, ill be hiding behind u when it comes to the warring and pking :P, and what happened to Storm and HOTK? i left never saying anything or atleast coming back to say hi once in a while, did they brake apart because of how boring it was without me xDD I finished applying on the site
  • lmao, my comp didnt even come with photoshop >_<, sux to be me, but i doubt ill make another sig in a while, this one's pretty good in my opinion
  • yeah, i used a few pics i found on the internet, paint (the computer one, not real paint xD), and Microsoft Office Picture manager. It only took me that long cuz I was bored and procasinating on what to do with the pics . And to answer ur question, I watch alotta anime, hard to name them all xD
  • i missed you to, and thank god some1 said something about the sig, it took me like 3 hours to make it from scratch xDD. Since we'll be in the same guild again, don't forget that ur my personal shield again lmao :D
  • I have a feeling that assasins will be great in 1vs1 pvp, (as these kind of classes usually are in PW games) but they wont be AS good as they would normally be. Most of the classes have stealth detection skills in FW, so that wont be too helpful to Assasins, and I'm not sure if Assasins have stun-locking skills in FW…
  • hey Eon, long time no see :D...oh yeah, and can someone help me out. I wanna join, but I'm not to sure on how to apply to this guild. Gaming names Kikazu btw, nice to meet you all :D
  • Id like to join so i registered at the Ragnarok site :P. Names Kikazu
  • 17th. Human Sin FTW <--(dislikes pale skin) >_>