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  • It's more enjoyable when you make it yourself. :)
  • T_T -runs away-
  • -thumbs up- Agreed!!
  • Lol why? Unlike the other classes, Assassins don't get countless new skills as they go farther down their tree and this class will probably use both it's masteries either way. Imo, the best tree to go pure with would be Venom for the Seed of Agony, but Edge and Shadow don't look that great at the end.
  • -pokes back- yo Melfie ^_^ Actually, we're still recruiting. I'll get the lead to check the forums if he hasn't already :P Send a usercp to pizzblack for more info
  • Well first, I'll explain the trees: Venom: The Damage dealing tree. Venom will probably be the tree that does the best DPS without crits for Sins. Venom tree also focuses on the Dark Mastery and Agony Orbs much more than the other 2 trees. Edge: The Crit tree. Edge focuses on dealing damage with crits and farther along the…
  • Oh no...the forums are dieing!!! D: Someone save it :P
  • Yeah, there are a few ways that can make Sins pwn in mass pvp, you just need to use a good strategy. Seems like in this game, you need a good battle plan to fight well with Sins, which kinda interests me.
  • Stealth is awesome for pvp as always, but it is pretty downgraded in this game.... Biggest reason for this is that most of the classes get skills that were made JUST to take Sins out of stealth. Hopefully, the skill that was brung up in the Sin's spotlight (Lightbending Reflexes)-> http://fw.perfectworld.com/news/?p=120711…
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  • thanks onestar...and who is ash o_o
  • Thanks crabclaw for the invite. One of my guildies didn't get in, but I'm still glad about winning (sorta) T_T
  • Aah~ U really made a thread about this -_-
  • -hides under a chair- Are we still infested with trolls? They scare me ya know T.T
  • I lol'd at this post but its true. Everyone has the right to play a game as they like after all.
  • I should have quoted this huh?
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  • yeah peon, it doesn't seem like convulsion is very friendly with sins. He/She could be right about Sins being bad at mass pvp but thing about Sins are... What Sin's can do: PK/1vs1 PVP the best out of the other class What Sin's don't do: PVE/ Mass PVP the best out of the other classes
  • http://fw.perfectworld.com/news/?p=120711 #1 i agree with hawke, sins get better later in the game... #2 We hardly even know about the sin skills to come. So lets calm down, drink some tea, and wait to see the true potential of all the classes :)
  • Good thing about this game is that they don't make Sin's overpowering like "other" games. As you can see from the sin talent tree, there strictly PVP/PK, and not that useful in PVE. They don't get an Aoe skill but they get great crit rate/evasion passives. Once the game comes out with higher caps/ better gear, I'm sure…
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  • me likey nd i like the new phrase too "We just witnessed a classic example of what I call miss directed rage, I believe the technical term is being an ****. - Fruits Basket"
  • just in case anyone didn't know... http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=65931 Don't forget about the phase 2 contest, only a day left to enter :D
  • *What is your skill/spell/ability named? Golden Aegis *What class does it belong to? Is it race specific? Protector/ Stonemen *What is its mana cost/cooldown? Mana - Always takes 100% of the users mana Cooldown - 300 seconds *How do you get it? Is it a talent skill? One you get automatically at level 40? Do you have to…
  • I like the name Erza better xD ~_~
  • If Blade of Hypnosis is the skill your talking about, don't get too happy. I remember in the description that it says that the target is stunned until your next successful attack. @leo2fish Atleast we get also get a nice silence (Dark Nightmare), which could be ALMOST as helpful as a stun but don't worry, in this game, i…
  • :O smexier than the last 1 <-wishes he could make sigs like that
  • where have our recruiters gone? o.O
  • done part 1, i think that i tend to write too much once i get a good idea -_- http://blackcard.socialgo.com/magazine/read/the-endless-blizzard-paths---part-1-_19.html
  • Character bio on my own character lol, Iv'e played with the IGN "Kikazu" for alil while now so i guess I'll have fun doing this.
  • <-~~~~bored u.u Im making a character bio out of boredom. After I make it, I'll post it on socialgo if u guys want to read it :P
  • 100% agree with this. The talents in shadow near endgame isn't worth it pvp wise, though they can be helpful pking.P.s. This is only my opinion and no one can be too sure until we've reached the game's lvl cap or atleast close enough to it to see the skills in action. My hybrid Edge/Shadow build (the points in Ghost Shadow…
  • -back to the original post- I'm not sure about which race is best for pvp but I'll recommend human anyway for the dispelling racial skill. As for talent tree, I think that a hybrid build could end up better for pvp then going with the tree fully. I'vee been playing around with the points alittle and I made a few builds…