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  • well either way fine then but I wont go and play on a server that speaks only 1 fcking language how do you get pty in a server that only talks french when you dont speak a word, if thats the only way to get pvp then fu i'm not doing that!
  • I agree I'm addicted to this game, I am, but to have to choose between pve and pvp when I get addicted to pk then idk if I can play.. I mean only GvG is boring yknow...
  • if you want to play french servers or germ you have to dl new client whole game will be in french or w/e langauge patch is...
  • -sigh- Sorry am very angry couse we all hoped at least the english eu server got a pvp realm, I mean why france server? couldn't you put a pvp realm on uk server at least they speak english, I dont wanna play on a server where half the people all talk french bc I for one dont understand it...
  • Crab thats so unfair, you are gonna make us lv on pve server then have us make our chars all over again to just have pvp why? and if we play on an us server we have **** times for events! You've got to change this, this is not fair at all! I dont care that i'm QQing I swear... I was really hoping for it =(
  • LOL yes Sper it's me xD <3
  • Sets you mean the ones you can get from dungeons and gives you rewards? Like if you have full set you get for eample +100hp ? Bc those are easy to get through AoS ...
  • I agree Shy, i mean I tried to put my wep to +10 with i thought ti was 72% or something and I was happy it worked but trying to get to 11+ is ffing hard.. I've failed way to many times to even keep trying Q_Q So it would be awesome to have another refining material.
  • LOL I haven't read the whole thread yet but i'm a girl myself and play a female vamp atm... I'm in Immortals and when I first joined, damn I swear like 5% of the whole guild are actual girls... It's hard also to know whos a male and whos a female... In the beginning they all said he when reffering to me, cause they assumed…
  • Live broadcast? Please do explain?
  • LOL bc of the wipe ppl are massivly pvp'ing! I don't do much 1v1 pk but I've been in a few group pvps and wars. and I must say I liek them =3 but mostly these are around sz so you can go in and out of it all the time xD I don't like Rpk though I only pk 1 on 1 when they attack me first =3 I also hate it when some nubs…
  • Also phase 4 is the wiping of everyones character if I'm not wrong...
  • No idea but I play vamp and then it seems like I don't see much other vamps... So I don't think there is a large mass of anything ....
  • Yeah lagg is an issue but tbh I haven't know many games that didn't lagg at one point in the game =) and also the fact that you can hide other players their pets and that you can put the images on lite version makes my lagg in the city go away pretty much =D only laggs a bit after Gt and such.
  • Wooww that was one handfull to read but I do agree with Bunnypirates I have lag somestimes but it doesn't affect my gameplay and I live in Europe while yesterday a lot of my guildies from the us had a huge lagging problem in LH so... anyway thanks a bunch for fixing it so fast i still missed GT but ah well it's vacation I…
  • I could logg in a few mins back :)
  • i've been trying for the past 3 hours to get in and am still trying every 10 mins but I never get in :S
  • that's bad luck huh xD
  • hehe I can't! x3
  • yeah laugh it up =3 i'm so addicted that I could cry right now god I even put my exams to the side to play! xD
  • But GT is one of the easier ways to lv especially if you have exp scrolls :)
  • You are not the only one! xD i was going for 30 but Gt already ended to bad I can't play the second one =(
  • Thank god, but I missed GT *cries* ah well i'll have to postpone my lv'ing to 30 xD thanks crab I'll be waiting for that update =D
  • I seriously hope not, the GT event is 2 times a day but one fall right when it's the middle of the night here so I have only one, that is going on right now i'm thinking or in a hour and that's were you can lv massivly but if I keep missing it =( I seriously hope not they patched the game between cb phase 1 and 2, 2 times…
  • It isn't bc you registered that you are invited for cb phase 2, you have to get an email saying you are allowed into cb phase 2 if not you are simply not yet accepted and will have to wait until you get an ivite or if you when a contest ;)
  • Well they'll know when Crab comes on... and I hope they can do something to i'm losing precious lv'ing time xD
  • No idea... but I know i'm sad that i can't play =( I was almost lv 30 too