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  • And why are you posting this here? The forums for FW Mobile are hosted by Fedeen games, not by Perfect World...
  • Nah they'll put the answers in orbs, and the "fun" part is us buying them :open_mouth:
  • The thing is... merging servers doesn't solve the problem, it's just a delay until servers are going to be dead. People are leaving due to missing content (e.g. arena gear) and the lack of bug fixes. You can merge as many servers as you want, people WILL still keep leaving unless they get something worth playing for. On…
  • It was per toon the last time also, even tho they advertised it otherwise. At least a lot of ppl I know got their stuff on every toon they logged in... so I guess it'll be the same again, just this time they adjusted their news.
  • Should've gotten S3 over a year ago, meanwhile CN got S4 and will soon get S5. Do you really still need to ask?
  • so using this said bug on zodiac and elemental bosses isn't troublesome in your eyes? funny.
    in Patch Notes Comment by pinguru June 2015
  • where are them ocean hearts *cries*
  • I'd be an awesome red snake thingy because... it's friggin awesome and red and... JUST LOOK AT IT it's so cool! :D
  • yes, we were talking about this yesterday... today would be a great day to put ocean hearts back into the cs xD and about the merc pack thingy... sure... I wouldn't say no to that either ^^
  • Thx for forwarding, domino and thx for your feedback gio. @conterkiller: tbh that was the first thing that came to my mind once we started having issues out of the sudden. On the other hand I'm having a hard time believing that the boss one shotting 2-3 full geared players in just a couple of seconds (whithout them having…
  • He/she wrote about the PoF nerf, that's a fact, the skill will get nerfed o.O Perhaps you're the one who's not reading correctly, since you seem to read something about glacials being nerfed ^^ Anyway.. I'm really happy to see a base damage boost for rebels, it's been long overdue. It's still not that great compared to the…