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  • Glacials aren't main healers, and they're not a killer sustained DPS class either, as far as PVE goes. However, their combination of high damage as far as offhealers go and respectable healing makes them pretty much the best offhealer option around other than a light bard. And like that guy said up there, with a light bard…
  • Priests solo just fine, and are one of the better (arguably the best, depending on spec) solo farming classes at higher levels if you have the right pet. Most people level as divine - it quests a tiny bit slower, but it's infinitely easier to get into instances and farm gear. Even in the dps specs priests have a little…
  • If a rebel priest beats an elf glacial priest 1v1 in pvp after the glacial is high enough to have Icebound Confession, congratulations, you just found a terrible glacial priest. That single talent is absolutely devastating, and the primary reason glacial isn't any good before 55. Rebel is one of the more ineffective specs…
  • Yeah, because glacial priests who know how to play totally just pop prayer immediately, against everybody, and try to blow them up. >.> <.< Yeah, no.
  • In ANY game with an auction house, the easiest and fastest way to make money is playing the auction house - buying low, and reselling higher. Of course, when you do this you aren't actually playing the game, you're playing the market. It requires a lot of hours invested in learning the economy, and a lot of time spent just…
  • It's pretty good in conjunction with all the other mana draining abilities of an elf glacial. Otherwise, meh.
    in Question Comment by philomel July 2011
  • Rebel is a spec for human priests to quest in, that's about it. As far as securing a kill goes it is inferior in every aspect to elf glacial, and as far as surviving goes the same is true of human divine. It is just not very good.
  • Different classes are different, imagine that. It's not impossible to use in basically any boss fight, as long as you have a backup healer who can take over for a second so you can get out of aoe range. Impractical, but not impossible. It's very much more for convenience after a fight than a commonly-used thing. In fact, I…
  • Do yourself a favor and wait until 35 to do Lighthouse, or MAKE SURE you have a bard or vampire (who knows he has to help heal) in your group. If you want to do it now, and you don't have a bard, you'll probably have to skip the dual boss fight with Sebastian Graves and Marina Gova. It's too much aoe damage to solo heal…
  • Protectors are by no means gimp in pvp. Roll marble for PVE up until you get your SECOND (not first at 20) free talent compass and have your priest be elf and go divine. Then go diamond, have your priest go glacial when he gets his second. Then say GG to some nubs, you will destroy.
  • "Terrain makes pvp too hard, remove so I can derp derp faceroll plox!" Yeah, we never heard this one in WoW either >.<
    in Arena Maps Comment by philomel June 2011
  • Not exactly. Dark - 1v1 pvp. Inferno - Group pvp, doesn't get good until substantially higher levels Blood - Healer, including in pvp
  • If you want to be a priest too, be an elven glacial priest. Elven glacial is a lot better than human glacial, they have decent sustained damage and the highest burst damage in the game, offhealing capability, and the two of you won't really be wanting the same gear at all. Being able to pick up side heals on AoE bosses is…
  • It's primarily a convenience issue, and you can drop combat to rez even during a fight.
  • Mages in parties are hit and miss, mostly miss. Most people in this game are pretty bad, and mages are one of the classes that are usually at the top of the bad list. About forty percent of mages don't pot, just autoattack, and another forty percent start AoEing immediately at all times and die instantly and constantly.…
  • I'm not sure what the obsession with hybrid builds is. The strongest talents in a given tree are at the bottom, you're invariably better going down one tree than splitting points into two.
  • Heal and dps better than a priest? If they could do that, why would the priest class even exist? You can spec to have better single target healing than a divine priest, but since divine priest single target healing is never insufficient unless they are completely inadequately geared, that's kind of worthless. And you can…
  • Stopped reading here...
  • I'm guessing that english is not your first language.
  • About like he said, this game is not comparable to WoW.. Comparing it to WoW will leave you disappointed.
  • While I don't have Calmness in my build, I'm guessing it's something wonky with the way the actual reduction in mana cost takes place - probably the tooltip for your spells gets reduced when you take the talent, but when you try to cast the original cost is checked for but the reduced amount is taken.
  • Why does nobody know how the elf racial works? It roots the target you cast it on for five seconds, and drains 5% of your total mana from the target for six seconds, returning it to you, for a total of 30% mana returned. Do yourself a favor and, once you can go to freedom harbor at level 10 I think, pick up the botanist,…
    in Mana Regen Comment by philomel June 2011
  • EQ oldschoolers unite! Necromancer ftw. Oh, and you can move the camera while running, it's just right click instead of left click.You have to click to move to be able to do it though.
  • Destro still uses instant soulfire to proc a 12% damage increase. It used to be like 20% haste and was much better, but it got nerfed for pve reasons =( Right around the time of the conflag glyph change was when I quit playing WoW, it's breaktime >.< I do still like to save my soulburn for an instant voidwalker though,…
  • And that's not even remotely accurate, it's much easier to kite in FW than in WoW. At least, in PVP - if you find anything about PVE difficult, you're probably missing a hand, drunk, or have crayon crumbs on your lips. It's easier to kite, but clunky and "choppy" due to the autoface mechanic.
  • Exactly - you don't see. Like I said, understanding proper movement and positioning is what seperates average players from esport-capable pro players. Removing positioning and movement makes combat much more simplified and greatly lowers the pvp skillcap. It's just that much less you're actually doing during combat, so…
  • A)The burst damage a glacial priest is capable of is quite helpful in a lot of dungeon situations, and with a bard around the raw heal output of divine is unnecessary. B) PVP.
  • Add battlegrounds imo >.<
  • Divine priests are pretty clutch in any group pvp. Glacial priests are just straight absurd in group pvp. I'm guessing some of you people have never seen a priest who isn't PVE specced and geared.
  • Female elf priest would be my suggestion. Female so you can get the perfume quest done easily and quickly, priest because you can get instances extremely quickly as a healer, and elf because once you get high level and decent gear you can go glacial and kill people so fast it'll make their head spin.