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  • And just when I thought on playing the game again, I'll stay away from it until they fix the water effect which is causing the problem for the frames per second to drop in Freedom Harbor.
  • It's not about the que system Lupious, there is no problem with it. It's the players that haven't reached that rating yet and are competing to reach while you still win. There is nothing wrong with the queue system once again, be it cross-realm or not being cross-realm it will have almost the same que time due to people at…
  • Well, that is what I am suggesting. But when I mentioned a werewolf race here in the suggestion forums I was said to go and play WoW. It's not like WoW have to have those things, but those races are cool and why it wouldn't be interesting to have it here. I honestly haven't seen any MMORPG to have the undead race, only…
  • The only PvP that will be is the arena and the duels other than that it's just a guild zerg with who have more players and zero tactics required.
  • This thread is... still alive? I thought we made all clear that it's impossible to implement it, unless they code the engine in an expansion pack of the game.
  • Saying that the caster have advantage over the melee is stereotypical. Everything is balanced, because melee's can kill casters and casters can kill melee's in WoW. It's stupid to say that because WoW have moving combat this game should not have. It's alright if it follow the traditional combat system, stand and attack.…
  • Gosh this terrible community... So... is that bad to have? I don't see any problems with this game or any other game having that, or is it maybe just because WoW have and you hate so much WoW and think that this a bad thing? Read this on MMORPG.com http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/thread/316406/page/3 It's not…
  • So, I have a question for you. Do you really needed to make an topic to say how "amazing" this game is? It's okay if you like the game, but do we really need to have this kind of topics?? To get on topic; this game is very repetitive and don't say it's in OB because all of their games haven't gone live. It's very dependant…
  • The problem here is that you will need to spend the "whole" day farming mats for the alchemy and cooking, just so you have enough potions for one instance. This is not a balance at all. Also, I said I spend more than 15+ pots in instance and depends which one. Sometimes, I'm forced to spend 25+ pots while having to farm…
    in FW Issues Comment by ouriel125 May 2011
  • Your solution is to play P2P games. If you still haven't learned the lesson from F2P games, it's time to learn it now. I can discuss about your third issue only since I didn't bother doing any PvP in this game. I was(yes, past sentence) a hunter and always when I entered a dungeon I was always spending more than 15+…
    in FW Issues Comment by ouriel125 May 2011
  • No, it's way to similar to their other games, especially PWI.
  • Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne is a single player RTS game developed by Blizzard and released in 2003. Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne is the third serie of the popular Warcraft series. The custom map DotA(Defence of the Ancients) was made in 2003 and developed by Eul via the Warcraft's world editor. The famous map DotA was…
  • Solution: Quit the game and come back when the level cap is increased.
    in Lv 60 Comment by ouriel125 April 2011
  • Thanks for the tips. Somehow, the sharpen effect kinda made it meh. xD But still experimenting and planing to take classes for graphic design. :)
  • So, you want the game to be your second job, or you want to enjoy the game and do the end game content? Games who have fast leveling means they have end game content. But most of the game are trying to hide their end game content via grind, so I'd rather have end game content than level for 4+ months. Two to three months…
  • Cry moar. xD
  • Yes, this game is boring. The game is way too much repetitive and dependant on GT and NC and the 10 Henry quests. About the carebear/PvP drama. The PvP in a F2P game will never work. One of the reason that will never work is the cash shop which affect the gameplay and making it even more imbalanced. Other thing is,…
  • As Luci said, there is already an arena on the CN FW, but how it will work we'll see.
  • You mean faction, not fraction eh? I've made a topic about having an evil side and got trolled to dead for mentioning Ogres, Werewolfs, Goblins and some other races and mostly because I mentioned WoW. But, if there is no Faction vs. Faction, then there can be a political system like the one in Lineage 2, Aika or TERA.
  • Nice sigs there guys/girls! :) And here's my newb sig I wish I knew how to work with photoshop better than just use the examples shown on youtube. :(
  • I lol'ed hard at this. :)
  • Everything that is cosmetic and doesn't have stats on it. If they make cool mounts and cool cosmetic, not the stupid looking present one they have, they can make more money, but... this is PWE.
  • The current level cap is 70 and that was with the patch that OBT got released. The current level cap in China is level 80.
  • If you can disable it, you can enable it. :) There should be an option to enable and disable click to move because click to move is just annoying and it's really old, old, old thing.
  • I'll point you one company that is not greedy, but they don't have MMO, but MOBA. That company is Riot. They are not greedy at all, everything can't obtained in the game and only costumes and heroes are available in their store, the runes are only obtainable by IP(influence points[which are not OP at all]). That company is…
  • *EDIT: Text got bugged, lazy to re-post it again.
  • /casting resurrection on a old thread.