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  • figured id give the guild a bump here even though im not participating in Forsaken world anymore :P
  • is that how you spell it? o.o i had no idea...
  • wishfull thinking but until i see an admin post here i doubt they are xD
  • lol... <----300+ mana pots the main reason why i can solo heal LH i overheal so much that my heals act like a second armor lmao... right now i only have 4.7k HP unbuffed and even though i take so many hits i dont go down very fast because i constantly have my HoT's up xP
  • ho ho ho to him to.. >.> lol
  • priests of course... dont you people know never to charge a legit priest without at least 3 people behind you? =P
  • i meant donate your brain....
  • im feeling the love in this thread can i has some? D:
  • ive had.. multiple issues in RL on different levels so i actually haven't even had the time to lvl to 40 yet QQ xD im lvl 35 atm but if i am ever on FW its for a dungeon like LH... ill probably way more active when OB comes out though.. ive lost some motivation for the CB xD but like my sig says... im a master healer…
  • then you my friend.. have a brain congratulations.. the department of health would also gladly accept donations for those less fortunate who post about the CB xD
  • well ti says your a dec. register.. xD... usually the only people who that early of a register are just extra accounts xP... everyone else has been here for months.. xD and if you take a look at my post count... im one of those people lol
  • i saw one word.. shapeshifter I SUPPORT DAMNIT xD
  • its still anoying if you minding your own business questing fishing herbing ect... except i know that one plan that people seem to fight over.. why i never go there cuz i dont want people saying "hey thats onestar! lets kill him!" xD... its already happened like twice...both times i ran and healed alllll the way back to…
    in Pking Comment by onestarz December 2010
  • yea it was know about a long time ago xD..hype over that has died out.. still a nice vid to see again though xP
  • ill claw your eyes out bunny if your post count ever gets higher than mine D=< lol xD double post because i hate editing xD really when you crack it all down... most mmo's stem from everquest lol... thats where they are all common... if you want a legit clone of WoW.. its Runes of Magic xD i go off topic a lot too xD...…
  • where is RQ?... lol i always thought they kicked the **** out of people who brag like this? xP anyone know the cooldown for divine uphold? dont have a war lol
  • well of course... all games share something in comment with each other...but i guess some people are like.. prejudice against certain games and when they get compared to one they like they get all mad xD
  • eeepepp we were starting to slip down xD
  • light and dark ruins the lore of the game... plus you probably got that from WoW.. and while i liked WoW very much people are going to yell and scream and whine saying that PWE is modeling too much from WoW
  • reference to my other post...in the other thread someone decided to make.. the solution is to change a talent tree in the warrior class that makes them a tank instead... they can turn heals into dps.. they sure as can turn a dps into a tank then
  • my goodness would you people stop with this paladin ****... if women really want to have a women class to tank then ask pwe to make a different tree in the warrior class that makes them a tank... and yes thats possible because they can turn healers into dpsers than can sure as hell turn a dpser into a tank
  • really?... how do you obtain these? or where might be a better question
  • basically after WoW... other companies have been trying to follow diversity these days... lol Runes of Magic...vindicus...i could keep going but that woudl require me to go to a site and jog my memory xD i find it interesting.. to be able to play a class that you have always loved and play it in a completely new way
  • eventually though.. even though its at a freaking high level we have a shield that will be able to protect people for a good amount of damage... soo.. lol yea but their trees match extremly well with the initial spells they have.. whereas i feel like my skills as a priest in FW are disconnected from the tree atm =/ of…
  • PWE is dealing with the issues in big chunks.. not through little updates... lots of games do that lol nothing out of the ordinary
  • no... you said you wanted updates... i gave you updates.. if you actually decided to look into the patch notes those are known as "updates" too. Phase 3 is also going to technically be the 3rd update what you see is what you get
  • never said grind was bad... i suppose it was implied however i dont really care about that... i care more about endgame things... thats where PVP is at its highest and where the most effort is put into dungeons for PVE (at least thats where the effort should be put imo) why i never really liked PWE games or the other…
  • i refer thee to the patch section in the general disucssion area...try useing the search function before makeing a silly suggestion xP http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/forumdisplay.php?f=105