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  • lol i was in the middle of a hr depth boss....
  • enjoy pvp while your farming points, might as well do that. It be pointless to be pvp build and just afk toon to just "farm" but ya know oh well.
  • I like it, I don't think it's a bad thing, not a big deal really.
  • That is crazy to know that. The fact that the jp server had faster updates, and they got everything before us, matter of fact their population was bigger. To think it got shut down is crazy, makes me wonder what could've of gone wrong? what do you guys think?
  • Gratz on the mount!! its really "celestial" looking, I like it. Ride to the stars! P.S This is such a well thanked community. Never thought people would be so FULL OF OPTIMISM about you getting a flying mount :p
  • voted, Idk if this will do anything but, atleast I can just be optimistic even just a little?
  • Someone once told me "The higher the expectations, the more disappointment you set yourself for" some "patch" this was lol.
  • As much i'm not surprised by this, doesn't stop me thinking how disappointing this is overall. Never thought I would care so much but it's actually getting me mad, "Hey let do a patch finally but instead of fixing the things that help the player's gameplay lets add another orb" I give up.
  • I really wish that wasn't the case here, the concept of how the game is structured is based from the realty of long term players, i said this before, the game came to a point to where its hard for new players to even make a decent build for themselves because the game is making them have so much expectations to what they…
  • eh it's not that bad. I do like the concept of it, I think they could've done more for it but I like it.
  • Tbh I don't know how many times I've seen topics like these though out my time on here, it's no surprising someone is gonna say things that already been pointed out and known for a long long time, kinda getting worn out now.
  • I was shock since LW hit that hard on said lightbard (she's not that squshy) but, yea i get what you mean, admittedly it's difficult to tank someone above the average "limit" for you to live, especially if the crit higher then there's hp lol but even if i said get Dyos,Nyos shield from sp tree to max, dmg…
  • I see where your coming from, but like I said, it's you vsing him, I fought OP MMs and dueled them just for the fun of it, and yes A soul and very powerful when it comes to its cc's but a overall concept on how the stuns are is depends on the class that has anti-cc's, and for what your saying it's true to extent, if i were…
  • I always saw an individualistic view point on classes, there are times I would say sins are very op but it depends on who you face, same goes with wars and mm. I think its the personal experience that one faces in pvp that determines and dictates their view on that class. Warriors like myself who tends to fight other wars…
  • This is too much, I can't do one thing atm
  • Welp... server crashed again, gg
  • eerrmm... you know domino isn't the the one in charge of the maints and reboots, if your gonna get THAT mad get mad at the people who does it not dom. Even then your argument is something that everyone had their opinion about the game over the years,so raging on forums isn't gonna help you much over seeing an "issue:"
  • I was only assuming base on level- wise, you could be right, defnsive gear has less attk but its just the position of lvl it is in that just factors in my mind. lol like how ele gear has more base attk/hp then 88 champ despite it being three levels below, (only mmo i've played where lower lvl gear had higher stats)…
  • Makes me wonder how the gear will be when it comes out,the fact that it will be level 90 makes a difference, it will have more attk then what the current 88 champ gives, including wep wise. Hopefully we get it soon
  • I wouldn't say "broke the game" but it has made a gap in certain quantities when it comes to players "catching up" vs players who are already far ahead, don't get me wrong the ocean orbs in itself has a good purpose to it, but the reality of it isn't as good as it seems. Yes people are getting more mast/resist, yes its…
  • +1 To this, reason is that, what I call the "1%" is the group of people with enough power and money to do alot of things normal grinders can't do. As much as this event is good in aspect wise, the overall concept of it is not really fundamental on a gameplay level. You would want an event that provides enough satisfaction…
  • We won't fully know the date anyways, dates changes and expansions tend to get pushed backed sometimes, so it all depends until we get a certified set date on it's release
  • Now mana drain will never effect you, that's too op.
  • Pls keep personal ingame matters out of a positive forum post this is for priests and all their hard work.
  • I see the concept of this thread, but people are just gonna name the more op geared people, and not take notice on the people who are skilled but are in the shadows of the people who are more noticeable when it comes to raw power and gear.
  • There is this one warrior i've seen who is bloodlust, and have lvl 4 mists and lvl 4 azures as well as solars (solars are ok but he had alot.) and looking at him i think to myself "why?" it was weird but from what i've known is that, it was just a way to get wings faster.
  • Awesome Video! watching it made me in the mood to pvp, but overall good luck to the priest and his goal.
  • I Perfectly understand how you feel on this and really it hits home really hard. I struggle with depression and fought many mental battles that I felt like that I will lose myself. Sometimes people forget that behind these toons we play are living breathing humans with actual emotions. We tend to get wrapped up in a…
  • Hopefully I can make some gold around this time again. Din't expect a new log in event o: