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  • Actually psy and sin can use other weapon, it's their skills that force them to use very specific weapon. It's just there not much variety for their weapon, example : 1h sword, 1h blade, 2h blade, 2h sword all fall to sword type. Psychic sphere only had 1 variety and that's it. Pw is an unfinished game since there weapon…
  • Sorry necro :D Reason why i didn't play pvp server.. Because asian using various language and not just one ? English is said to be international language, that's why there bigger chance for asian to play here. Than on asian server with language they didn't know.
    in Pings Comment by mirrai July 2011
  • Any link ? It could be just joke or most voted image of the day... But if that's true . . lol wut disgaea numbers. .
  • Wut 700k hp and 800k mana ? Those the skills even scale to that point ? :confused: Does raw weapon damage deal 5k with those hp / mana ? :p Are he a God character on server ?
  • Kinda true somehow... ha ha ha.. I just come back recently and on my view, this remind me to the young pwi *skill tomes* Eventually it would be sold in cash shop or sort kind of exchange with tokens . . . or sort kind auction.
  • From my experience with pwe, i rather wait until OB. :(
  • Done same mistake before, but it's on lower level armor. Don't get why i can miss click tho
  • Or you can try the dirty / backdoor path of earning coins on mmorpg. The dark and gloomy path where it's full of hatred and ignorance. May cause madness on community and mass number of quit players. :eek: (not recommended at all)
    in Getting Gold Comment by mirrai July 2011
  • The more higher your level, the more it feel like a gamble. Talk to Henry and hope it won't be an impossible mission before your 10th cycle for that day.
    in Henry Items Comment by mirrai July 2011
  • It show around 300ms on server selection, then jump from 500+ to unlimited in game. :cool:
  • ^ All capital. :D I just come back recently and shocked that there only 1 character on my character selection. As usual, it's just wrong server.
  • If i had to choose, i pick outland. But looking on the elves theme, i pick raider. Hard choices ? :D
  • If you didn't like doing the same things everyday, this game isn't for you. :( I can't say that i am not bored at all, since i haven't playing this game for quiet a long time. Just recently come back, for some fun. In case you find most mmorpg boring, you might want to switch playing moba or dota style games. It didn't…
  • Just want to mention some type of potions / food : Instant potion = heal the amount mentioned in description at once Overtime potion = heal for x amount / x second (usually it heal the same amount with instant potion on same level, just over time) Normal food / drink = only healing when you eat / drink it Magical food /…
  • Try to play warrior . I didn't play them, but they were good on many things such as tank and dph. Pretty common for pwe games to make warrior all around class but still strong. (or easy to use which makes them easily reach high or true performance)
  • No, since you will select the available set of face, skin color, hair type, facial, hair color. Basically you can't freely customize character like in PW.
  • There some above 30 but haven't take the quest to learn soul catching. :D At that time the game just open for a few days, so not much people know what to do. (especially me that never selected for CBT phase) I just hear stories from people that getting apo in forum, but didn't imagine to actually meet it. :eek:
  • On my first run to canyon before, we got apo pet to spawn after apo died. < Lucky But no one on the team has skill (not even the most basic) to catch it.. < Unlucky (i think i ve repeated telling this tale a few times, so i just cut the details) Well i heard apo isn't that good now ? :cool:
  • Around the time before CBT phase to the starting of CBT phase, if you look on the very old feature page there an explanation for cross server war. Which is one reason for people to say FW are superior on PWI forum before. If not wrong the FW world need to reach certain age first. But since i didn't remember exactly what in…
  • No, problem. Thanks, for making it clear for me. :p
  • Well that sound nice. I just come back recently and already forgot few to many things, is the cross server best guild war or something like that already happen ? Because it was one of the thing said as a special feature when the game launching. Looking from this thread, it seem that it didn't happen yet ? It's seem that it…
  • Maybe staselis think that you are a little kid because of the thread title and the threat if you didn't receive help. " Help or I'm leaving... " :( Or staselis is just want to troll you a bit. :o
  • Makes me remember when my team get apop pet spawn, but can't capture since all of us haven't getting the level / skill for it. Then someone on the team decided to kill it because *we can't capture it*, shortly after that someone on team tell me that she could borrow higher level character to capture it.. if only it still…
  • What ? No item for make over yet ? I am just come back and hoping it's already in game. :(
  • OR 3. Patient, Diligent, Faithful, Ambitious, and Hard Working enough to farm / trade things to match Cash Shopper. If only people are that Patient, Diligent, Faithful, Ambitious, and Hard Working in real, they could be the cash shopper right from the start.
  • Just do it do it and hope you got it. :cool:
  • ^ This, i also wondering. It's just a single page that can be copied to be edited right ? Didn't have to be taken down.
  • Meaningless, but can make you rage ? Fun, because it didn't bind you to certain guild ? It's very common things that happen everyday since long time ago, when we are still living in cave. People would join or submit to stronger tribe, for better chance to survive and grow stronger as well. Because internet guild member has…
  • I want to say "bye" too but i can't . . oh wait. :( Maybe try ticket ?