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  • @frost : Whatever you say, mister. Whatever you say. ;) Just be happy now, alright. Just go continue playing or something..
  • You mad ? :eek: So much hate ? I am only see that you are being unfriendly to pretty much almost everyone here. <.< Well never mind.
  • Meh, whatever you want to say. You don't get it. I just trying to be friendly here. Well, whatever.
  • As what earlier poster on this thread said. Probably this was a plan to make people buy more compass as well. So professional. :D
  • Yue that impossible... since we can't alt tab or play in window mode while browsing and lurking on the forum. So frost theory is right !! Oh wait...
  • Why so serious ? Is what op needs, i suppose... :rolleyes:
  • Fixed and agree. ;) Most mmo this day favor casual player more than the hardcore ones, which makes the game simpler and doesn't have that much depth. Games that aiming to earn money = can be played with old pc = easy to understand game play = more player = bigger market = more money earned. Which makes me never understand…
  • It's because i am already trying it (with my friends) out frost, and it's not that good. There lots problem. B&s is a lot more stable on keeping things and interest up. Yeah, yeah i am wondering why i am lurking around this forum today... seem i am just post random things.. :confused: Guess i am just way too bored with the…
  • Wait and eventually the power level era would come.. (pwe games) :D
    in power lvl Comment by mirrai July 2011
  • Terra is already come out for awhile and it's got lots of problem... you didn't check news ? Overhype as usual... The more i lurking around mmo *land*, the more i am sure that word such as " These game come out = you lose " wouldn't really happen this day. Anyway about the thread : Probably after implementation of indirect…
  • Op sure amaze me.
  • Cause you never give the actual *link*.
  • Alright obvious lady. There already couple thread with the reason and i didn't want to reply here anymore just like on your other thread. ;) Sigh.
  • I mean with long preparation is gathering mats. Most of the time a set of mats, only produce 1 potion. (except if the mats is only available on certain place and rather rare which always create more than 1 potion, or random lucky when creating) At last on pw a set of mats can make 5 or so potion / remedy at once. :eek: And…
  • Basically what op want to say is, fw had too many maintenance time between kills. :D And i am sort of agree with what said above this post, it's a bit way to simple. I am also sort kind of people that found fw can be veerryy booring because of all preparation times and repetitive dailies. (with my time, it's very common…
  • When did i say that :confused: Just asking where the link on my earlier post.. and since there no link there a big chance it was fake. :( Especially with how you seem enjoying people wondering is it true or not.
  • nom nom... yeah yeah up to you :p:p no link = fake
  • I think people should stop continue bashing just for fun.. Well i suppose it's just simply different lore. \\ Vamp on some movie already invented anti-sun lotion and living together with humans and the only time they stay with lots other vampire was in college. (yes, all vamp college) Only those with *crazy mind* or…
  • Alright then... :D
  • I am supporting, but since it's pwe.. This is sort kind of same suggestion that said on other pwe games. If they giving option to turn off : 1. There will be a lot system chat that cannot be set to hidden 2. Adding new chat system that cannot be turned off (but use more expensive item / chat) 3. More unnecessary…
  • Isn't disgaea has many lover from different part of the world. ;) What mmo that dealing massive number on eastern but less digits on western ? What is the name :confused: Since i never heard of it. Anyway if only there a link to the pic source. :rolleyes:
  • I want to add one more why people want to play here.. :) PWE international server is very good on preventing or handling bots Any other games made by pwe but published by different company or in china server = lots bot
    in Pings Comment by mirrai July 2011
  • What great of pwe international server is very rare bots. Cubizone fw already had lots of bot. ;)
  • No love for the manly stoneman / dwarf ? I found all of them looks good. The last on my list was human female... :(
  • How do you install and update the game if those folder doesn't exist ? :confused:
  • Mine from 350 to 900 when stable :( When it's unstable it become 1k to 22k There always sort delay when selecting target or using item / skill. But i am used to it from playing jd, boi, pw previously.
    in Pings Comment by mirrai July 2011
  • I think this was sort kind of situation where the ones that working or has responsibility for calculator page is in vacation or something and no one in office bother to take care of it since it's not their job. (which is right)
  • Oh my bad :D sleepy when posting it. High ping makes nightmare carnival into real nightmare, because you can't even go pass the first stage without someone helping you.
    in Pings Comment by mirrai July 2011
  • If you just love to fight but didn't have patience or love to prepare a fighter, then i suppose you need to cs. If you are diligence on looking for profits, creative on money making chances, and dispose your trading rival / guild, abusing cash shop user, and some more. I suppose you can match even heavy cash shopper and…
  • That what i am saying earlier. :mad: Because on your earlier post, you said psy and sin can't use second weapon unlike other class.. All class can use other weapon than not designed for them (at last if cn claw / fist ban is really just fake) but it just not effective (wots forget 5aps archer, barb), since one class skills…